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5 key Points on LED Advertising totem Process

5 key Points on LED Advertising totem Process

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As we all know, the process refers to the method and process of processing or processing various raw materials and semi-finished products by using various production tools, and finally making them into finished products. Technological advances and steps are more critical. For LED Advertising totem, what does the process mean? As a professional manufacturer, Tecnon can definitely tell you that the process determines the quality and grade of the customized LED Advertising totem products. So how should the process application of LED Advertising totem be reflected and understood? Let's take a look at it together.
5 key Points on LED Advertising totem Process
LED Advertising totem module design
As the name implies, the display screen of the LED Advertising totem is formed by splicing LED lamp bead modules. Then when it comes to modules, you have to mention another term - spacing. In fact, the spacing is also a kind of process. The spacing is smaller, and the HD is higher. The commonly used spacing of Tecnon is P2.94, P2.38, P3.84, P4.55, P5.55, etc., to meet the needs of different scenarios. In the actual production process, Tecnon uses a standardized (200mm*200mm) module for production. It not only guarantees the production needs, but also can be assembled into different product screen sizes according to standardized modules to meet more outdoor application needs.

LED Advertising totem chassis material application
For LED Advertising totem, the material application of the cabinet is very important. It is about the cost, weight, craftsmanship, etc. of the product itself. Therefore, Tecnon has been exploring box materials that are more suitable for outdoor applications. Tecnon will pull the entire product process, but also save costs and reduce product weight, highlighting greater advantages in outdoor applications. After years of experience in the LED industry, the cabinet of Tecnon LED Advertising totem has completed the transition from iron, galvanized sheet and profile aluminum, which not only has lower cost, but also has more obvious process.
5 key Points on LED Advertising totem Process
LED Advertising totem surface treatment technology
When it comes to the cabinet, it is even more important to say that the surface treatment is carried out. At present, the surface treatment of the cabinet of the Tecnon LED advertising machine can be painted, frosted, brushed, surface glass inlaid, etc., and can be customized according to the customer's unnecessary needs. It can be said that the surface treatment is a process that can be seen with the naked eye. How the grade of a product can be visually seen through the surface treatment.

LED Advertising totem internal wiring
After talking about the surface of the cabinet, the inside is inside the cabinet. The appearance of a product is presented to the end user, while the internal is left to the customer for inspection. The internal wiring of the LED Advertising totem is also an important process point. The wiring is complicated and unprofessional. This not only brings great inconvenience to the later maintenance, but also has an impact on the damage of the product itself. So a professional and mature LED advertising machine should not make this mistake very much.

5 key Points on LED Advertising totem Process

LED Advertising totem internal component layout
As mentioned above, the wiring is part of the interior of the cabinet. In fact, in addition to wiring, the layout between the various parts is also very important. Whether the internal planning is reasonable, whether the layout of the parts is proper, and whether the ventilation design is passed or not all reflect the importance of the product process in the application.

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