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Tecnon smart display technology Shenzhen Co.,LTD.
Tecnon Advantage
Time advantage
Since 2010 IBM having put forward the concept of smart city, whole world start pay attention to create smart city, smart products developing fast for preferred by people. Nowadays, industrial technology increasing as quickly and mature in cloud control, smart monitor, system integrated, face recognition etc. So that make smart city terminal possible.

Tecnon smart display experience advantage
Tecnon smart display is subsidiary company of Tecnon lighting group which stock code is 300650. The mother company look good of the smart city panel market and offered priority R&D and investment.

With 14 years experience in led display field and 3 years experience focus on Smart city terminal field. Tecnon smart display reconstructed and integrated all resource and established in 2017.


Production advantage
Tecnon group has 84,000 sqm modern industry zone and 23000 sqm production area. Smart Display as a innovative manufacturer of Smart City Terminal products, is best preferred by domestics & overseas cooperative partners for its high-quality and innovations. Now products are spread to tens of countries & regions from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa,etc. The outdoor high density smart city terminals have been preferred by many media company, public utility, high end enterprise group, widely used in bus stations, community parks, shopping malls, highway toll stations, traffic road lights and other places.

Products advantage
  • There are more than 120 designs of different smart city terminals using for different situations.
  • All products are integrated design. Cool appearance, strong and stable quality.
  • All smart city terminals could combine different terminals for different purpose. 

  • Tecnon smart display offer 24/7 service.
  • Tecnon smart display offer free training for terminal installation, using, maintenance etc.
  • Tecnon smart display could send engineers for onsite support if necessary.
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