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Beijing Airport Express T3 Toll Station Uses Tecnon LED Advertising Kiosk

Beijing Airport Express T3 Toll Station Uses Tecnon LED Advertising Kiosk

Beijing Airport Expressway is the main expressway connecting Beijing and Beijing Capital International Airport, with an average daily traffic of around 150,000. In the new stage of LED informatization, Beijing Airport Expressway, as the main link connecting Beijing, has also ushered in a new wisdom upgrade under the help of Tecnon LED advertising kiosk.

Just recently, Tecnon LED advertising kiosk was successfully landed at the Beijing Capital Airport-T3 toll station (also known as Gangshan Station). It makes the urban node traffic application more modern and intelligent, and at the same time, the Beijing Capital Airport T3 toll station has created an outdoor display carrier with real-time information display and accurate content placement.

The project is located in the Beijing Capital Airport-T3 toll station, and the LED advertising kiosk used is provided by Tecnon. In addition to the Beijing Tianzhu Toll Station that was previously put into use, the current Tecnon LED advertising kiosk has covered all the key locations of the Beijing Capital Airport T1, T2 and T3 terminals. Anyone who passes through Beijing Capital Airport could see the figure of Tecnon LED advertising kiosk. At the same time, it is also the transformation project of the important main road toll station of city after Tecnon completed the main road toll station to Shenzhen Airport.

Tecnon LED Advertising Kiosk

According to the person in charge of this project of Tecnon, the airport is a more iconic urban construction, and the airport expressway is also the focus of urban information transformation. The Beijing Capital Airport-T3 toll station needs to build an intelligent device that combines emergency and real-time content display. The LED advertising kiosk is undoubtedly a very suitable and fully meets the needs of toll station transformation.

Therefore, after understanding the demand of Beijing Capital Airport-T3 toll station, Tecnon invested a total of 24pcs P3.84 LED advertising kiosks, which were installed at the toll station exit (12 units) and the entrance (12 units) of the safety island. The display size is 1200mmx1800mm, which has the advantages of flexible display, strong real-time performance and fast response speed. They have brought greater help to the intelligent informationization of the Beijing Capital Airport-T3 toll station.

Tecnon LED Advertising Kiosk

At the same time, in order to better enhance the user experience, Tecnon P3.84 LED advertising kiosk has been upgraded specifically for outdoor highlighting HD. The brightness reaches 7000 cd/m2. At the same time, the use of LED advertising kiosk is more reliable and stable. The content display screen is more delicate and clear. The color reproduction capability is more standard. It meets the application needs of Beijing Capital Airport-T3 toll station, and easily realizes functions such as high-definition energy saving, remote synchronous playback, and automatic brightness adjustment.

Tecnon LED Advertising Kiosk

In terms of management, the P3.84 LED advertising kiosk adopts network cluster control to realize centralized control, intelligent management and humanized control of multiple LED advertising kiosks. Even non-professionals can easily refine their operations. It makes outdoor applications more efficient, user-friendly, intelligent and cost-effective.

  Tecnon LED Advertising Kiosk

At present, LED advertising kiosks are welcoming a new stage of market growth, and gradually banned the market position of LCD advertising kiosks. Coupled with the growing popularity of the concept of "quality improvement and efficiency", it is also a "hot boom" for outdoor LED display renovation and upgrade in highway toll stations across the country. As a provider of large LED advertising kiosk in the industry, Tecnon currently has excellent cases in high-speed toll stations in major cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Zhengzhou and Harbin.

Tecnon always focuses on R&D and marketing. Tecnon follows the concept of smart city terminal and promotes the construction of smart city. Tecnon is committed to exhausting the new materials, new technologies, new functions and new concepts, and making smart city terminals such as pole mounted display and LED advertising kiosk lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient, more beautiful and cheaper.
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