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Digital Displays in Beijing Airport Expressway Tianzhu Toll Station

Digital Displays in Beijing Airport Expressway Tianzhu Toll Station

On November 17, Tecnon officially puts into use high-quality digital displays for the Beijing Airport Express Tianzhu Toll Station. The digital displays have a narrow-frame stylish appearance, plus a high-definition highlight display. After the digital displays are lighted, they not only enhance the color of the road section but also successfully open a new outdoor advertising operation mode!

With the development of modern transportation and the rapid development of information technology, it has further promoted the updated iteration of the outdoor advertising market. Some places with more concentrated traffic, such as high-speed toll stations, are increasingly becoming the focus of outdoor advertising. Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet era, traditional light boxes and outdoor billboards are obviously unable to meet the needs of the current outdoor advertising. The successful application of the high-efficiency and multimedia digital display has undoubtedly brought new vitality to the development of the outdoor advertising market.

The Beijing Airport Expressway in the project of Tecnon is a highway connecting Beijing and Beijing Capital International Airport, and is also an important transportation hub. Different from the general toll booth, the Tianzhu Toll Station has a strong regional characteristic of Beijing. The Tianzhu Toll Station is a classical architectural style with architectural styles that are symmetrical on both sides of the central archway. It has a green glazed tile at the top of the color, a painted picture of the middle beam, and a red round column. It has become a beautiful landscape on the high-speed airport. The successful application of Tecnon digital displays not only can complement the scenery of the toll booth, but also have no sense of contradiction, and more adds a technological bright color.

It is worth mentioning that this project mainly uses Tecnon P3.84 digital display products. They are installed at the entrance and exit of the Tianzhu Toll Station by the floor-to-ceiling installation. There are 5 units installed at entrance and 9units at exit, each measuring 1000mm*1800mm. Powerful multimedia information processing capability and high-definition and large-screen display are very easy to attract the attention of passing vehicles, thus realizing all-round real-time information content transmission. In practical applications, the P3.84 digital display has high stability, reliability and security. And the display picture is processed by RGB deep grayscale, and the content display forms are various, and any color change can be realized. It is simple and convenient to install and use, greatly reducing the cost of loading and unloading and maintenance, and brings great convenience to the renovation of Tianzhu Toll Station.

At the same time, the P3.84 digital displays adopts network intelligent cluster control in management, which can not only perform wireless cluster control and screen synchronization switching through mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices, making management more convenient and orderly; In addition, the P3.84 digital display has also added a light-sensing probe to achieve outdoor brightness automatic adjustment, remote hard power-off and other functions, and has a major breakthrough in energy saving, and the design also comes with monitoring and other functions. It is more conducive to big data collection and to ensure the safety of travel at the port of Tianzhu. If necessary, it can also provide diversified functions such as electronic guidance and real-time dynamic information dissemination of traffic conditions for Tianzhu Toll Station.

In addition, the P3.84 digital display products have been treated by professional surface technology and have been used outdoors for eight years without fading. It is currently the model of digital displays used in all high-speed toll station renovation projects of Tecnon. It is also an outstanding product of Tenon's intensive cultivation. It makes the outdoor advertising display smarter, the application is more convenient, and the effect is more dazzling. The successful application of the Tecnon digital displays at the Beijing Airport Expressway Tianzhu Toll Station provided a set of functional, intelligent and convenient information dissemination carrier for Tianzhu Toll Station. This is another classic case of Tecnon in the field of high-speed toll station renovation. It not only injects new vitality into the outdoor media advertising market but also lays the foundation for the transformation and application of Tecnon digital displays in the field of high-speed toll stations.

At present, with its strong product performance and excellent solutions, Tecnon digital displays have been upgraded and won wide acclaim in many high-speed toll stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Harbin. In the future, Tecnon will further exhaust the new materials, new technologies, new functions and new concepts, and make digital displays and digital kiosks lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful. Tecnon will help more high-speed toll station renovation projects successfully landed. 
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