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Extraordinary Outdoor Advertising at Southeast Express Xinzhou Toll Station in Guangzhou

Extraordinary Outdoor Advertising at Southeast Express Xinzhou Toll Station in Guangzhou

On November 9th, the Tecnon LED posters (somewhere called digital poster) of the North and South Import and Export Station of Guangzhou South China Express Xinzhou Toll Station was lit up, providing a rich outdoor display form for the Xinzhou Toll Station. The advantages of fast content update, good display effect and good outdoor experience make the technology of Xinzhou toll station full of technology. Prior to this, Tecnon LED poster has successfully assisted the various high-speed toll stations in Shenzhen to complete the upgrade. While Tecnon brings extraordinary outdoor advertising experience, it has opened up a new direction for the outdoor advertising market.

It must be mentioned that with the increasing development of modern transportation and the rapid development of information technology, it has further promoted the update iteration of the outdoor advertising market. Some places with high traffic, such as high-speed toll stations, are becoming more and more important for outdoor advertising. Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet era, traditional light boxes and outdoor billboards are obviously unable to meet the needs of the current outdoor advertising display requirements.

As an important transportation hub of Guangzhou, Southeast Express is also the only line from Shenzhen to reach the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It carries a large amount of passing traffic every year and is highly noticed. Therefore, the use of a set of LED posters with reasonable viewing angle, high brightness, perfect functions, convenient installation, simple management, high security and high reliability is used to upgrade and meet the new display requirements of the current outdoor multimedia era.

It is understood that the LED poster used in the renovation project of Xinzhou Toll Station is Tecnon classic P3.84 type.The displays all are size 1000mm*1800mm,narrow border,light,floor standing design. Totally 22 units installed including Seven units at south exit, four units at the south entrance , Six  units at  north exit and five units at north entrances .All of them are standing on the safety island head of the toll station and welcome all passengers.

In real use, Tecnon P3.84 LED poster adopts unified network management and intelligent terminal group control. At the same time, the brightness and temperature of the screen are adjusted and controlled, and the working environment (brightness, temperature) is monitored. The remote switch plan of the LED light pole screen is established to realize automatic brightness adjustment. Not only that, but it also has a high level of security, encrypted transmission, decoding downlink content, third-level audit release permissions, etc., to ensure content security and program security.

It is worth mentioning that as the product provider and project implementer of this project, the current Tecnon LED posters had also upgraded for high-speed toll stations in Beijing and Shenzhen. The successful application of the toll booth in Xinzhou has once again confirmed the reputation and strength of Tecnon LED poster products in the industry. In the future, Tecnon will continue to be at the forefront of technological innovation, exhausting new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas. With its breakthrough technology and extreme design, Tecnon will bring a variety of smart LED advertising products to more industries.

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