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LED Advertising Machine at Shuiguan Expressway Longgang Station

LED Advertising Machine at Shuiguan Expressway Longgang Station

After entering October, the autumn is getting stronger. At this time, the Shuiguan Expressway Longgang toll station seems to be somewhat different. The passing vehicles are passing through the station in an orderly manner. While waiting to pass, the eyes of the passengers were attracted by a row of neat LED advertising machines standing at the entrance and exit of the toll booth. The appearance of the high-end atmosphere and the delicate and high-definition picture display are full of technological sense. This is the result of the upgrade of the Tecnon P3.84 LED advertising machine.
In fact, Shuiguan Expressway is the main road from southwest to northeast of Shenzhen, and it is also the first two-way 10-lane expressway in China that has been opened for operation. The Longgang Toll Station is an excellent case presentation of another LED advertising display upgraded by Tecnon after the successful renovation of the Shuiguan Expressway in Bulong, Buju and Hefei. Injecting new vitality into the outdoor media advertising market also laid the leading position for the transformation and application of Tecnon LED advertising machine in the field of high-speed toll stations.
It is worth mentioning that the high-speed toll station not only has a large traffic volume, but also represents the image of the entire highway section. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a set of LED advertising machines with reasonable viewing angle, high brightness, high security and high reliability. Therefore, this Longgang Toll Station upgrade project has invested 25 sets of Tailong Zhixian P3.84 LED advertising machine installed on each island of the exit and entrance. The display size is 1200mmX1800mm. Not only fully meet the needs of current information dissemination and display, but also bring great convenience to the management and operation of Longgang Toll Station.
At the same time, in the days when traditional outdoor billboards are gradually "falling down", LED advertising machines with intelligent control and unified management features are important outdoor display carriers, which not only realize real-time information release, accurate content advertisement placement, but also simplify operating methods and reduce operating costs. It has many application advantages:
Outdoor highlights, high definition, outstanding effects  The outdoor brightness of the LED advertising machine can reach 7000cd, and the screen display is still high-definition and delicate under strong light. At the same time, the use of a variety of presentations makes the content of the display more accessible to more people.  Automatic brightness adjustment, more energy saving In the design, a new light-sensing probe is added to achieve automatic brightness adjustment, which reduces the self-heating of each unit, and achieves energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects while effectively avoiding urban light pollution problems.  Intelligent temperature control for longer life  The automatic temperature sensing and temperature-controlled fan enable the LED advertising machine to work normally in the ambient temperature of -40 ° C - +70 ° C, and reduce the dust inside the cabinet to make the product last longer.  Intelligent cluster control, management is simpler with network cluster control, there is no need for personnel to replace advertising content and collect information on site. By accessing the platform through 3G, 4G, WIFI, etc., it can manage any LED advertising machine terminal of the access system, realize wireless remote real-time release of information, and low synchronization switching delay, which makes management simpler.
Tecnon smart terminal products such as LED advertising machine and LED light pole screen to have the breakthrough and upgrade in outdoor highlighting (7000cd), high-definition energy saving, intelligent cluster control, automatic brightness adjustment, smart monitoring, wireless management, intelligent temperature control, etc. And product applications throughout the country. In the future, Tecnon will also increase the support for research and development of new technologies and new products, improve its innovative ability, exhaust new materials, new functions and new processes, and make products lighter, more energy-efficient, smarter, more beautiful.
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