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LED Digital Signage at Meiguan Expressway Guanlan Toll Station

LED Digital Signage at Meiguan Expressway Guanlan Toll Station

It is only 2 days after the LED digital signage (advertising signage)applied for Shuiguan Express toll station, and Tecnon finish another one. Another high-speed toll station - Guanlan Station also successfully lit the LED digital signage. In fact, the “hot boom” of the demolition of traditional advertising brands across the country has intensified, making the outdoor advertising industry more difficult. Coupled with the all-round advancement of smart city construction, it is a big blow to traditional outdoor advertising operators. In addition, as a key area for outdoor advertising, major high-speed toll stations have always been the top choice for commercial advertising.

Therefore, just while traditional large billboard advertisements slowly "fall off the curtain", LED digital signage as a new generation of outdoor advertising media become more and more used for upgrading and renovating expressway toll stations. The completed expressway toll station renovation project of Tecnon is located at the Guanlan toll station of Meiguan Expressway. Twelve and fourteen panels were placed at the toll booth entrance and exit, respectively, and installed on the island head of Guanlan Toll Station by floor standing. Each size is 1200mm*1800mm. The stylish appearance of the narrow frame is matched with the high-definition and exquisite picture display, which is very easy to attract the attention of passing vehicles, thus realizing all-round real-time information content transmission.

In addition to real-time information publishing and accurate content advertising, the P3.84 LED digital signage simplifies operations, reduces operating costs, and further meets customers' outdoor advertising needs. In practical applications, it has high stability, reliability and safety. Not only can wireless cluster control and screen synchronization switch through mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices, the management is more convenient and orderly; in addition, the P3.84 LED digital signage also adds a light sensor to achieve brightness automatic adjusting, remote power off and other functions. There is a major breakthrough in energy saving, and the design also comes with monitoring and other functions, which is more conducive to big data collection and to ensure the safety of the station.

Tecnon P3.84 LED digital signage application advantages:

1. The appearance is simple and generous, the display is high-definition and delicate, and the changes are  vivid;
2, the maximum brightness reaches 7000cd, with a light sensor and automatic brightness adjustment. It is more energy efficient;
3, using network cluster control (mobile phone, computer, Ipad), support remote synchronization update; lower delay;
4, It is with leakage protection, lightning protection and support for remote hard power and automatic switch machine;
5, it is treated by professional surface technology of galvanized steel plate; and it is sun-proof and explosion-proof and outdoor used for eight years without fading;
6. There is a buffer gap between the module and the box body, and the bent frame of the box body increases the strong ribs to withstand external gravity impact;
7. The control system is based on the Alibaba Cloud platform and supports Rom mirror data verification. No data is more secure.

Up to now, Tecnon has successfully lit up hundreds of LED digital signage at high-speed toll stations nationwide including Beijing,Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is not difficult to see that in the current decline of traditional outdoor large size advertisements, Tecnon LED digital signage is adhering to the throat of new outdoor advertising media equipment with rapid momentum, and has become a popular high-speed toll station information release carrier. It is worth mentioning that after the Meiguan Expressway Guanlan Station project, the Longgang Toll Station of Shuiguan Expressway is also on the way, let us look forward to it!

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