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Beijing Jingzang Expressway Qinghe Toll gates successfully applied Tecnon LED kiosk

Beijing Jingzang Expressway Qinghe Toll gates successfully applied Tecnon LED kiosk

Beijing Jingzang Expressway, a highway connecting Beijing and Tibet, is a capital radial highway. It is also an important part of the national highway network. In recent years, due to factors such as economic development and rising tourism prices, the flow rate into and out of Beijing has continued to rise, while the traffic volume of the Beijing-Tibet Expressway has risen particularly sharply.

Therefore, in order to open up the information transformation work of the Beijing-Tibet high-speed toll station, Tecnon relied on the existing intelligent LED kiosk terminal equipment to help build an integrated outdoor communication carrier that have a real-time information transmission, advertisement display and data collection on December 30. It realizes outdoor information transmission and sharing.

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Qinghe Toll Station is located at the north side of Beisha Bridge in Haiding District, Beijing. It is the main toll station for Beijing-Tibet Expressway to exit Beijing, with a lot of traffic. Driven by the demand for smart transformation, combined with the current LED display technology, improving the information transmission quality of the road segment, achieving information interconnection and improving management efficiency is the focus of the project. Under this demand, Tecnon led kiosk with many advantages such as outdoor highlighting, high-definition energy saving and so on has become the candidate for the renovation of Qinghe Toll Station.

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According to the person in charge of the project of Tecnon, the LED information transformation project of Qinghe Toll Station has put 18 P3.84 led kiosk, which are installed in each island of the exit (10 units) and the entrance (8 units). At the front of the head, after the vehicle enters the Qinghe Toll Plaza, the entire led kiosk could be seen in the big screen, and the benefits are higher. The mounting bracket is made of stainless steel tube and H-shaped welding. The screws on the left and right legs of the welding flange are fixed with the cement floor. The height of the bottom of the screen is 0.5 m from the ground to expose the fog lamp. This not only makes the led kiosk more stable and firm, but also ensures that the toll collector's line of sight is not completely obscured.

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At the same time, the P3.84 led kiosk display size is 1200mmx1800mm. The outdoor high-definition large screen makes up for the defects of the previous LCD advertising machine due to low brightness and small display area. It has the advantages of flexible display, strong real-time performance and fast response. And it can integrate access synchronization switching, wireless network control, intelligent monitoring, environmental monitoring and other functions, which will bring greater help to the intelligent informationization of Qinghe Toll Station of Beijing-Tibet Expressway.

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It has to be mentioned that modern transportation is more and more developed and the development of information technology, and some places with relatively concentrated traffic such as high-speed toll stations have increasingly become the focus of outdoor advertising. Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet era, traditional light boxes, outdoor billboards, etc. are clearly unable to meet the needs of the current outdoor advertising display. Therefore, the successful application of the high-efficiency and multimedia led kiosk has undoubtedly brought new possibilities to the advertising display and information promotion of Qinghe Toll Station.

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Tecnon P3.84 led kiosk could be combined with early warning information for immediate release and reception. It is a unified operating platform for visual scheduling and other operations. It provides unified management, release and maintenance for the Qinghe toll station, bringing greater convenience. At the same time, P3.84 led kiosk is equipped with data transmission, remote real-time control, remote power supply, power off, time switch, digital screen synchronization, brightness automatic adjustment and other functions, more intelligent and convenient management and outdoor advertising of Qinghe toll station operational efficiency has brought about a new development model.

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The successful application of Tecnon led kiosk in Qinghe Toll Station of Beijing-Tibet Expressway is not only the successful card position of Tecnon following another strategic place after Beijing Airport Expressway, but also redefines the current standard for information transformation of high-speed toll station. At the same time, it also brought great impetus to the evolution of new channels, new operations and new solutions in the outdoor advertising market.
At present, Tecnon's high-speed toll station wisdom transformation tour is still going on, and will continue to focus on R&D and marketing in the future. Tecnon follows the concept of smart city terminal, exhausting new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas. Tecnon has made smart city terminals such as led kiosk lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient, more beautiful, and cheaper, helping to build smart cities.

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