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Tecnon LED Kiosk Put Into Operation In Huanan Express Huacheng Avenue Toll Station

Tecnon LED Kiosk Put Into Operation In Huanan Express Huacheng Avenue Toll Station

Recently, following the Guangyuan Station, Zhongshan Avenue Station and Huangpu Avenue Station, Huanan Express Huacheng Avenue toll station also ushered in a new LED kiosk upgrade. The launch of 10 Tecnon LED kiosks successfully helped the Huacheng Avenue toll station to create a new information display carrier. With a more intuitive, image and rich display form, it has injected new power into the outdoor advertising market, and provided strong support for the information transformation of Huacheng Avenue toll station, and also brought more application space for LED advertising machine.

Tecnon LED Kiosk

At present, under the continuous catalysis of the concept of “reduction and efficiency increase”, with the LED kiosk as the entry point, the upgrading of the high-speed toll stations has become a major trend. As the main road leading to the Pearl River New City in Guangzhou, Huanan Express Huacheng Avenue Toll Station, driven by the transformation needs, combined with the current LED display technology to improve the information transmission quality of the road section, is the focus of this project upgrade. According to the person in charge of the project of Tecnon, the LED transformation project of Huacheng Avenue Toll Station has placed 10 sets of P3.84 LED advertising machines, which are installed on each island of the exit (6 sets) and the entrance (4 sets). In this way, the Huacheng Avenue toll station will be managed, released and maintained. The LED retrofit project has raised the information release, content display, service quality and overall image of the road section to an unprecedented height, realizing instant, fast and rich information release and content display.

Tecnon LED Kiosk

P3.84 LED kiosk could smoothly help all high-speed toll stations to create smarter, more efficient, easy-to-use and modern information dissemination channels. It highlights the performance advantages of high protection, high reliability, high adaptability, high contrast and high image quality. It is an important choice for the current high-speed toll station  smart upgrade. Huacheng Avenue toll station after upgrade not only satisfies the current diverse display needs, but also brings greater influence in that Huacheng Avenue Toll Station creates intelligent, efficient and easy-to-use modern upgrades and cultural life. The display size of Tecnon P3.84 LED kiosk is 1000mm*1800mm, which breaks through the bottleneck of LCD kiosk due to low brightness and small display area. It not only has the appearance of beautiful, light, fashionable, high brightness (7000cd), high color rendering coefficient, waterproof, explosion-proof, lightning protection, etc., and is equipped with data transmission, remote real-time control, intelligent monitoring, remote supply, power off, timing switching on/off, digital screen synchronization, automatic brightness adjustment and other functions. It has brought new breakthroughs for the intelligent and convenient management of Huacheng Avenue toll station and the efficiency of outdoor advertising operation.

Tecnon LED Kiosk

It must be mentioned that the perfect upgrade of the Huacheng Avenue toll station has added a new impetus to the market layout of the Tecnon LED kiosk. It could realize a multi-angle and multi-form comprehensive display to bring unprecedented The wisdom journey of Tecnon is still going on. The case presentations are time and experience accumulation. In the future, Tecnon will continue to achieve market with deep industry experience and marketing strategy, and will also exhaust new materials, new technology, new features, new ideas, to create a lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient, more beautiful LED kiosk smart city terminal. Tecnon will help the comprehensive informationization of highway toll stations. atmosphere. The real-time, visual, and scene-based applications have created a new pattern for the Tecnon LED kiosk.

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