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Smart Display LED Advertising Poster at Shenzhen Toll Stations

Smart Display LED Advertising Poster at Shenzhen Toll Stations

In September, Tecnon LED advertising poster continued to upgrade numerous highway toll stations in Shenzhen.The Shenzhen Shuiguan Express toll station is one classic station and there are 13 pcs outdoor P3.84 LED advertising posters were working there. These posters display area is still 1200mmX1800mm, each panel is double pole supported standing at the safety island which front of the toll booths. All vehicles passing through could saw them and being advertised.

Exactly speaking, Shenzhen Shuiguan Expressway is a highway located in Longgang District, Shenzhen. It is crucial main road connecting Shenzhen southwest to northeast, the first two-way 10-lane expressway of whole China. The police helicopters could be landed when there's emergency.

At modern society, outdoor advertising media continue working as a form of media rooted in the real life of consumers.  As the hot carrier of outdoor media, LED advertising poster has the advantages of improving the accuracy of advertising, saving advertising costs and enhancing brand, become more and more important channel of outdoor advertising. In addition to advertising, LED advertising poster can also provide various functions such as electronic guidance, real-time dynamic information dissemination services for road conditions, and data collection etc for major highway toll stations.

Thanks to the innovative advantages of LED advertising poster, such as energy saving, automatic brightness adjusting and cluster management system, the Toll Station advertising poster not only advertise but also bring great convenience to the Toll Station management and operations. On-site program changing and information collecting is not required. All panels could be updated by cloud server system. In addition, the detail playing list and record could be downloaded in the background Excel table to facilitate subsequent data statistics management.

As the specified toll station supplier, Tecnon smart display continue focusing on outdoor HD display. Insisting on R&D as the core, determined to break the boundary of technological innovation and realize the evolution from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Tecnon Smart Display exhausts the new materials, new technologies, new functions and new concepts, and makes smart city terminals such as LED advertising poster and smart LED light pole screens more intelligent, energy-efficient and beautiful.

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Relay on the great working performance and excellent solutions, Tecnon Smart Display LED advertising poster has been upgraded and won wide acclaim in many highway toll stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Harbin. So, which will be the next city to use Tecnon Smart Display solution? Let's expecting.

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