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                  1. Welcome To Maidian Color Printing Official Web Site!

                    Thank you very much for your attention! For the company's development needs, we need to recruit the following staff.

                    Warmly welcome outstanding talents to come to apply, once hired, you will get a broad space for development and generous treatment!
                    • Recruitment post Industry title Working place Recruitment number Release date
                    • Job responsibilities:
                      Recruiting number : one
                      Work experience : three to five years
                      Salary : negotiable
                      Sex : limited
                      Age : over 30
                      Education : above college
                      Job Requirements:
                      Woman who married and birth,3-5 years Recruitment Experience,be Familiar with every Recruitment skill;Characte Upright,can Assume the job independent, discover and improve problems active;Understand Human Resource Management's Practice how to operate;be familiar with all Labor and personnel policies and regulations of country,can operate it;Be familiar with general processes,have work experience of vehicle scheduling , fire security and so on; be with good professional ethics ,sureness, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination ability, team spirit of collaboration.

                      Capacity requirements:
                      Apply position
                    Add:No 6,chunwang road,panyang industrial park, xiangcheng district,Suzhou
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