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                    Halloweens plus employees’ birthday party makes surprise

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                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY




                    Halloween comes, Exactly the time for trick or treat comes. At the same time, the birthday party for October is compared with the sweets and cakes also comes. Yes, it sounds splendid when two parties are together. Let’s look below what happens in the party.




                    HAPPY   BIRTHDAY

                    HAPPY   HALLOWEEN




                    As the birthday party, it must have delicious cakes and desserts.

                    Birthday present



                    HALLOWEEN   BIRTHDAY

                    HALLOWEEN   HALLOWEEN


                    Considering autumn comes, we prepared the gift box with towel for the employees.

                    Recording the wonderful seconds of the birthday party

                    HALLOWEEN   BIRTHDAY

                    HALLOWEEN   HALLOWEEN



                    It’s happy for personal’s birthday, sweet for two persons’ birthday, but the birthday party for one group of persons, it should be meaningful.


                    At the beginning of the party, we invite all the birthday persons to light the candles, make wishes, and sing birthday songs together.  We keep the moment in heart.


                    Then, we join into the best step as the question and answer step. The employee with correct answer will get his reward. At last, we begin to DIY pumpkin lamp which let each person as the painter. They all have their own style, besides they also put Maidian in their paintings. Till now, all the steps for this party is over, but all the participants are still immersed in this happy atmosphere. We wish the sweets will defeat the poor, bad luck, procrastination and bring the happiness, good luck and sweetness. At the end, we have a group photo to record the unforgettable afternoon.




                    In this party, our pressure is remitted which is matched with the hr admin’s original intention. And hr will keep the splendid in the following birthday parties. Let’s hope it .

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