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                    Mid-Autumn in Maidian with strong feelings

                    2022-11-25 Classify:Company Cource:Maidian Color Printing

                    In the afternoon of Nov.9th, we hold a party both for welcome the mid-autumn festival and congratulations for employees whose birthday is in September. We make warm wishes to the persons and their families.


                    We prepare special customized presents, delicious snacks and sweet fruit to our employees in this coming autumn which let them to feel our warm greetings. Director Yao lights the candles and make wishes to all of the participants. Everyone is excited for this happy moment.


                    Mid-Autumn Festival is our traditional holiday, we will make moon cakes and eat it in this special festival. We choose the snowy moon cake which is easy for us without backing but with delicious taste.



                    Under the host’ instruction, special moon cake belongs each person is made, everyone is cheering with their own cake in hand.

                    Employees from different department are singing, cutting the cakes, playing the games in the birthday party together which let the party more meaningful and unforgettable. September is a harvest season, we wish you will have your own harvest and happiness.

                    As the saying goes, the moon in Aug.15th is the roundest, the cake in Mid-autumn is sweetest. Through this theme party, everyone moves and feels happy. They decide to work harder to devote themselves to Maidian.

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