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                    Team building in Mogan Mountain --Maidian Color Printing

                    2022-11-25 Classify:Company Cource:Maidian Color Printing

                    We choose Mogan Moutain as the destination for Maidian’s team building in 2022 as its famous sights and comfortable environment. On Aug.7th, Maidian staffs are on the way for this team building trip.

                    Drifting is our first selection in this hot summer. After doing the protection action, two persons as one group go on the kayaking to begin their drifting trip. It makes us afraid but more excited as we feel the flying in the air when we suddenly from the high location to the low sites. When we go into the flat sites, we begin to battle with the water which let us feel the team energy.







                    We go outside and face the nature which release our pressure in daily work. Then we can recover to the following work with the most passion. In the Mogan Moutain, we see the famous sights and realize the bast life style is to run on the belief road by firm footprints  together with the person who is the same. When we come back, there were thousands of stories. And when we look up, there will be a specific direction for us.

                    With this team building end perfectly, we know each other more deeply and we believe we will devote ourselves with more passion.

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