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                    University of Heidelberg in winter will be opened in Thailand

                    2011-01-19 Classify:Industry Cource:Maidian Color Printing

                    Heidelberg Print Media Academy, Heidelberg and the Heidelberg Print Media Academy in Kuala Lumpur branch office in Thailand in 2011 20 to 24 March in Bangkok, Thailand co-host the 2011 Winter University of Heidelberg. Participants from around the world gathered in Bangkok Shangri-La Hotel, expanding knowledge, share their strategic planning and corporate development experience.

                            Heidelberg Print Media Academy Training Director MartinaBrand international business, said: "In today's competitive and highly variable in the printing market, managers of printing companies should get to know the latest technological advancements and business strategy. " This is the time Courses focus on business management from different angles the reason. Courses will be arranged deliberately introduced and discussed in depth, and the customer plant visits and other forms, for participants in financial management, process control, leadership, marketing and business management and other aspects of understanding be promoted. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss industry experts and colleagues to gain valuable practical experience and feedback.

                           The course hosted by StanSolomidis and MartinaBrand conduct. Solomidis think Ltd. Australia head letter, and also quite competitive at home and the number of market-oriented printing companies to provide management consulting services. The experience of both the perfect match, making him the printing business managers to help improve corporate performance excellent choice.

                            Heidelberg University is the printing industry in winter most influential international forum for the printing executives from around the world have to take this opportunity to share in an informal occasions management based on experience in their respective national conditions. The course in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and Dubai success.


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