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                    Convenient and professional logistics services is an important part of our on-time delivery, at the same time with our warehouse management is closely related to a combination of products in the warehouse, proper packaging, loading and distribution process is to improve handling efficiency, full use of means of transport, thereby reducing transportation costs. Reasonable and accurate warehousing activities will reduce the product and changing, flow, reduce operating times, the product of the implementation of effective care and protection, and the number of accurate control, thereby greatly reducing the risk of storage.

                    Enterprise storage system is indispensable logistics subsystem. The overall objective of the logistics system to provide the lowest cost service to customer satisfaction, and warehouse systems to play an important role. Warehousing activities to promote the enterprises to improve customer service levels, enhance their competitiveness. From the static management of modern warehouse management to dynamic management has undergone a fundamental change in the basic work on the warehouse management also put forward higher requirements.

                    Specific as follows:

                    1,high efficiency, low cost arrangement for the principles of logistics.
                    2,to high quality services, trust established corporate image.
                    3,through the systematic and scientific means to continuously improve the management of the advanced level. 4, from technology to spirituality to improve staff quality.
                    5,to ensure safety.

                    Warehouse management focused mainly on the following:

                    1,effective use of repository capacity, to prevent damage, ensure the security, unity with the shelf life.
                    2,based on FIFO principle, accelerate the turnover.
                    3,The storage area temperature and humidity control.
                    4,warehouse equipped with fire protection, security and other facilities to ensure product safety.
                    5,set the storage areas of goods storage shelves, cards, make account, and materials, the same card.
                    6,The color management method, labeling the month in order to clearly identify the date of purchase, according to the first principles of operation.

                    Storage management can be summarized as 6-steps to key management mode:

                    First-steps: the recovery. Warehouse management should have information traceability
                    Second song: closed. Warehouse receipt shall confirm the packaging is intact, the number is correct. 。
                    Episode III: check. Warehouse should have the ability to inspect the goods, in particular the control of, and strictly control the number of independent storage, 24-hour surveillance; establish supplies exemption system.
                    Episode IV: Reserve. Jincang materials do not fall.
                    Fifth-steps: hair. Storage material according to work order issued single material, so that the number of material accurately.
                    Sixth-steps: drive. Periodic inventory is divided into at plate / week disk / month disk.

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