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How to Make the LED advertising Machine Application Screen Better?

How to Make the LED advertising Machine Application Screen Better?

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When it comes to LED advertising machines, the first thing that comes to mind is the effect of the application screen. The display is not good, and it is hard to be convinced that you can do it anywhere else. In addition, in recent years, in the large market of LED advertising machines, the outdoor advertising machine application market has expanded rapidly. In our view, a large part of this is due to the growth in demand in the outdoor advertising market. The innovation and value enhancement of LED advertising products is also a factor.

How to Make the LED advertising Machine Application Screen Better?

Therefore, LED advertising machines have always been a combination of functions and effects, both of which are indispensable. An LED advertising machine could be very eye-catching in any place outdoors, with excellent image quality and picture performance. At the same time, only the reliability and high image quality coexist is the truth of the market battle. So, the question is, how can we make the LED advertising machine application screen better?

High brightness
Brightness is actually a very important application parameter for LED advertising machines. Only the high brightness can make the LED advertising machine perfect for viewing and experiencing when it is used outdoors. At the same time, if the brightness of the LED advertising machine is not high, then the outdoor light is higher than the screen brightness during the daytime. The application screen of the LED advertising machine can't be seen clearly. How can we talk about the picture?

The LED industry has always been inseparable from the word HD. LED advertising machines are no exception. High-definition is its standard parameter, which is a key factor that really affects the image clarity and color reproduction of the entire LED advertising machine.

Refresh rate
The refresh rate refers to the rate at which the LED advertising machine screen is updated. The refresh rate is higher, the screen display is more stable, the visual flicker is smaller and the human eye is less likely to feel tired. The refresh rate of most models of LED advertising machines of Tecnon reached 1920Hz. Tecnon's LED advertising machine is not only high-definition, but also outdoor applications are more stable and reliable.

In general, the application picture problem is a long-term technical problem in the field of LED advertising machines. At present, LED advertising machines have a high application index in the business district, high-speed toll station renovation, streets, scenic spots and other fields. Then LED advertising machine manufacturers can improve the quality, parameters, process and other details, enhance the application advantages of all aspects of the product, and highlight the important role of LED advertising machine in outdoor applications.

How to Make the LED advertising Machine Application Screen Better?

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