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3G LED display will play an increasingly important role in lighting engineering

3G LED display will play an increasingly important role in lighting engineering

Access:685 Time:2018.06.08
In the next five years, culture and tourism must be a major part of the national development plan. At the same time, in recent years, progress in various aspects of LED technology has laid a good foundation for urban lighting engineering. Many people believe that lighting is a illumination, or lamp decoration, in fact, 3G LED display in the urban lighting engineering also has a lot of new opportunities for development. For example, display engineering, awning, wall lighting, and so on can be widely used in the 3G LED display.

There is no doubt that the role of LED creative display in improving the commercial value of architectural landscape is very important. Nowadays, with the update of technology and products, outdoor LED large-screen display is not following the same pattern as the past, such as  masonry screen, rotational screen, sphere screen , curved flexible LED display, etc. There are too many things for the eye to take in. The LED creative display has been widely recognized for the benefits of its popularity in commercial real estate and the shaping of city landmarks. What's more, LED creative display technology continues to advance, which accelerates the application of creative LED products in landscape lighting. For example, LED creative display that integrates naked-eye 3D technology, human-computer interaction technology, VR/AR, etc., makes urban lighting more vivid. In the mean time, special-shaped LED display products can also be combined with the city of light sculpture, lighting, etc., to make the lighting engineering more wonderful.

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