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Advertising Poster Trend: Personalization , Customization And Intelligence

Advertising Poster Trend: Personalization , Customization And Intelligence

Access:354 Time:2018.08.30
With the Smart City trend, Smart Display products get more and more attentions. Advertising poster, which is natural carriers of smart display products, have been receiving much attention. And personalized, customized, intelligent also became consumers’ extra requirements. Tecnon understand this well.


On the market, there are too many advertising posters. Every advertising companies want to offer most effective ads. Traditional advertising posters are too heavy, too big machine , too simple one color, too ugly on appearance”. The advertising companies prefer something new, individual , characteristic to attract consumers. Only this, they could be different from others and building their brand and obtain more business.

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Different advertising companies has different idea on the requests. Even different members in one company also different on beauty . As manufacturer, we should listen to the clients’ request and mixing their wishes. Give professional opinions and solutions . Make the products reliable and being what clients want.

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At this 21rst century, intelligent is request everywhere. So do the advertising poster. Not only request good advertising playing performance but also request easy use. Remote control, cluster management, monitor , automatic adjusting, automatic on/off etc are requested.  And these advertising poster should also compatible with other media tool. Also public service like wifi sharing, charging offering , security monitoring etc may request.

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Tecnon is the only manufacturer of China focus on intelligent advertising poster. Though it is young enterprise. But 90% of the team has more than 5 years experience on led display. And it is holding company of Tecnon commercial lighting co.,LTD. With the strong faith, confident and background company investment, only in half a year, this company already amazing the world.
1. Being the only manufacturer focus on advertising poster.
2. Within half a year, the company already pass ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, Rohs, FCC, CCC.
3. Being first one to launch outdoor P3.84, outdoor P2.94. outdoor P2.38.
4. Within half a year, finish more than 30 patents applying and processing.
5. Already partner with world brand like Jcdecaux ,Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua, Philip etc.
With time move on, sure Tecnon will offer more and more attractive products and amazing the world. Let’s expecting it.

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