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The Future Application Field of LED Information Display

The Future Application Field of LED Information Display

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1. Commercial/Home Theater
The world's first LED movie screen was launched recently, it not only supports 4K (4096 × 2160) resolution, but also promises to achieve HDR visual effects. When the news came out, it caused an uproar in the industry, which made people hope that LED information display would be used in commercial and home theater applications. Compared with the previous movie screens, the LED information display has better display performance, so we boldly speculate that its application prospects in the field of film and television are considerable.

The Future Application Field of LED Information Display

2. Oversized Building Wall
The use of the building wall here is a super large curtain wall or sky curtain that matches the wall customization. In recent years, large-scale buildings with the characteristics of viewing, sightseeing and entertainment have been decorated with giant LED information displays for the pursuit of high-tech and visual immersive experiences, such as Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Beijing World Trade Day, etc. More and more commercial centers and tourist attractions use super-large LED canopies to create highlights and attract people. From the display effect of these walls, the application prospects of LED information displays in the giant display field will be great.

The Future Application Field of LED Information Display 2

3. Commercial Service
Different from the previous commercial use of LED information displays in advertising, in recent years, LED information displays have shown a good development in providing digital services. For example, the "Smart Buyer" LED information display launched by Uniqlo recently, when the customer is getting close, will actively greet the customer, and can also browse the store's new products, wear suggestions and preferential information through this display, as well as simple interactive games. The combination of LED information display and virtual technologies such as VR and AR has become a hot spot, making the application scheme of LED information display in commercial service feasible. The application of LED information display in commercial field will be more optimistic.

Under the continuous development of LED information display technology, its application restrictions have become smaller. Whether in the field of large-area display or small-area close-range display, LED information display shows certain feasibility and good application prospects. In what new areas will LED information displays shine in the future? Let's wait and see.

The Future Application Field of LED Information Display 3
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