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Reasons for hindering the application of the free glass 3D LED display

Reasons for hindering the application of the free glass 3D LED display

Access:357 Time:2018.06.26
At present, VR/AR and free glass 3D are the development hotspots in the current display field, but there are not many actual application projects. The problem of technical defects is only part of the constraint to its development.

It is understood that most of the products of free glass 3D display, which are being developed by LED display manufacturers, have the defects of Angle limitation. Many companies are in the research, development, production of free glass 3D displays, will show a lot of problems in the process, and the key technical points is the design of the "multiple viewpoints, which make the audience can see the eddect of 3D regardless of where they stand.

Now, it's easy to do one, two, four, eight viewpoints, but it's harder to do dozens. However, some enterprises have proposed active 3D technology, which is expected to solve the problem of viewpoint. Secondly, it is the restrictions on the use environment and size of free glass 3D. At present, there are mainly two types of free glass 3D LED grating technology, a lenticular lens and a barrier grating. Different manufacturers use different methods. If glass is used as the carrier, the unit size is limited by the entire glass area, and the size can only reach 18 square meters at present. On the other hand, the market lacks awareness of free glass 3D LED display and the price is too high, lacking new business models.
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