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How to Avoid Moisture Problem of the Outdoor LED Display

How to Avoid Moisture Problem of the Outdoor LED Display

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LED display is more and more using for indoor and outdoor all over the world. Some displays are working long but some are not. One key reason is the moisture problem. Especially in raining season. In this kind of weather, the LED display is easily affected by the wet weather. Absorbing too much water vapor will cause the dead light, dark light, short circuit, open road, lamp body damage and other problems, which will lead to the performance failure of the LED display, and the effect is also deeply affected!

In this humid weather, how to do the outdoor LED display moisture-proof work?

1. Outdoor fixed LED display to moisture-proof

Outdoor LED Display

Please install the temperature and humidity monitor on the outdoor LED display installation site to monitor the humidity around the screen timely.

After the first rainy day or after the heavy rain after the installation of the display body, it shall check the internal of the display whether there is moisture, water drops, water vapor and other phenomena in a timely manner.

Under the ambient humidity of 10% ~ 85%RH, the display should be opened at least once a day, and it should work normally for more than 2 hours each time.

If the environmental humidity is higher than 90% of RH or it encounters the south day, dehumidification treatment should be carried out in the environment where the display is used, and the display should work normally for more than 4 hours every day.

2. Outdoor rental screen to moisture-proof

Outdoor LED Display

With these steps, the LED display can easily cope with a humid environment!

When using the outdoor rental LED display, in case of rainy days, power should be cut off immediately. If there is no time to remove the display, cover it with a pre-prepared rainproof cloth. Take out the box to dry on sunny days. If there is continuous rain, open the back cover of the box and dry it with a fan. Then leave to cool in a ventilated and dry room for more than 8 hours. Ensure to light over 4 hours with low brightness, allowing moisture to escape from the electronics.

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