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Design Requirements And Misconceptions Of Stage LED Display

Design Requirements And Misconceptions Of Stage LED Display

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Because of the particularity of stage LED display, the stability of it is very high. LED lamp, driving IC, power supply, power signal connector and other materials are the key factors to determine the quality of LED display. Therefore, we must strictly check the material selection, conduct relevant tests with higher requirements than the industry standards, and check the requirements of various functions of LED display. Therefore, every link of the system control scheme has the thermal backup function, including video transmission, receiving equipment, signal transmission cable and so on.

It can ensure that the system can automatically diagnose and switch to the standby equipment at a very fast speed when unexpected conditions occur at some link of the system, and the whole switching process will not affect the field display effect. In the structural design, while ensuring the beautiful and fashionable body, but also to ensure good heat dissipation mode and fast joint mode.

Let's analyze common mistakes of stage LED display.

1. The lack of spatial sense of the dancing design of video, which has limited the visual extension of the performance site
Compared with the traditional dancing beauty technology, LED technology and video dancing beauty application, the biggest feature is the construction of the second space. Through various unique 3D technologies, the director is able to create a virtual visual space through the LED display, which combines with the real space on the stage and greatly expands the visual space of the performance scene, giving the audience a sense of space and time interlacing and presenting extremely rich stage visual effects.

But in fact, most of the creative team in the use of LED display still sees it as the traditional two-dimensional mural, rather than use it as a three-dimensional space to deal with. So as for the final present stage visual effect, it isn’t not only playing the maximum advantages of LED, but also lost the traditional stage of design.

2. The abuse of LED HD display damages the lighting effect of the stage performance area
The gradual reduction of the production cost of LED displays has many creators to blindly pursue the concept of "panorama video dance beauty". LED displays are widely used in the dance beauty design, and even all the scenes are replaced by LED. However, many creators ignore the reality that LED displays can easily cause huge light pollution on the stage. When the stage is finished and the whole lighting is combined, they are already regretful.

In the overall design of the program, lighting plays a huge role. It can make the entire stage show a magical sense of space and hierarchy, and make the overall visual presentation more colorful and interesting. In the traditional stage and dance design, the only light source is the lighting system. With the cooperation of directors, lighting designers and dancers, the lighting can be used to create a unique stage space. But when the LED is used, great changes have taken place. In addition to the lighting system about the light source in the stage space, there are also various spontaneous light LED displays. In the process of all kinds of video footage broadcast, and because of the change of the images, LED display constantly change their luminous intensity and color. This feature makes the lights on the stage control become more complex, the combination of the light is more challenging.

3. The habit of using LED displays only for the whole, regardless of the parts, makes the TV transmission difficult
The basic unit of the TV picture is the different scene lens, which is simply panorama, mid-shot and close-up, while the live performance is more about the "panorama" effect. Many creative teams only consider the "big effect" of panorama when designing and producing dance beauty, and lack consideration for the middle scene of TV communication, especially the close-up.

While many large parties are held on the spot, most of them will put forward the communication demand of live broadcasting through TV. At this time, the creative team of the party should consider not only the live performance of the party, but also the transmission characteristics of television.

4. The abuse of real scenes leads to a huge conflict between video's dancing beauty and the content of the program in terms of the sense of form
With the continuous upgrading of LED display manufacturing technology, many production teams and organizers are obsessed with the "high-definition" features of the display, and it is easy to get mistaken in the process of creation. In order to reflect the features of HD display as much as possible, producers are often keen to play specially filmed video on the video wall as the background dance beauty. For example, in the singing and dancing programs, a large number of images of urban landscape and humanistic life were broadcast, in order to realize the combination of the program's artistic interpretation and the screen reality presentation, but the result was counterproductive.

Stage shows the pursuit of a high sense of form, color, light, formation, for long, and most of the live action of the video, the film is too colorful, as a main stage background, it will show on the stage in the form of a deduction bring huge damage, let the audience not to be able to "see" and "don't know what to see" mixed and disorderly feeling, originally used in the design of strengthening program effect, finally also brings huge impact to the viewers, also violated the basic principles of stage design service for the show.
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