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Free glass 3D led display is subject to double constraints of technology and prices

Free glass 3D led display is subject to double constraints of technology and prices

Access:378 Time:2018.06.28
The free glass 3D led display currently has various technical problems, including three-dimensional imaging effects, viewing angle, position, visual distance, 2D turn to 3D software and other factors. Nowadays, many companies are developing and producing free glass 3D led displays, which presents many problems in the process. At present, mainly for the outdoor market to do this research and development, the most critical technical point is the "multi-view" design, to make the audience see the effect of 3D regardless of where you stand.

It is understood that compared to shutter-type or polarized 3D technology, free glass 3D led display gets rid of the shackles of glasses, which is the biggest advantage. However, current free glass 3D led display devices must be able to view the best 3D images at a certain angle and position, and most of the current finished products have the defect of viewing angle limitation. In addition, the resolution is also a problem in the free glass 3D led display. The core of the future is to make the resolution dense, so that the effect will be better. In addition to the immature technology, the price is another major factor limiting the availability of free glass 3D led displays into the market.

Any product, whether it is a camera, phone, TV, or laptop, the price will be much higher if it is accompanied by 3D technology. Free glass 3D led displays in the country because the price is relatively high, the user's acceptance is generally low.
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