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Difference Between The Stage Rental LED Display & The Conventional Indoor And Outdoor LED Display

Difference Between The Stage Rental LED Display & The Conventional Indoor And Outdoor LED Display

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Compared with traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, rental LED displays are different due to their different uses and functions. The following is the difference between stage rental LED display and traditional LED display:

1. Different types
The stage rental LED display has high requirements on the display of dancing beauty, and the screen playing effect requires more clarity. Therefore, in general, the indoor environment adopts high resolution display of P3 and P4 models, and even more strictly, small spacing P2.5, P2, etc., while outdoor environment adopts P6 and P5 models. As for the traditional indoor and outdoor LED display, as the viewing distance is far or the display requirements are not high, P5 and P4 models are commonly used in the room, and P10 is the most used outdoors, followed by P16.

2. Differences between boxes
For the traditional outdoor LED display, the box will be waterproof, the structure is relatively heavy. Indoor LED display uses simple LED box; The stage rental LED display is usually made of die-cast aluminum box because the box is often disassembled and moved.

We know that stage LED displays are mostly hoisted or wall-mounted. These two installation methods have higher requirements on the weight and safety of the rental display. As the rental display needs to be stacked high and hoisted, the rental display must be light and thin. At present, it is a die-cast aluminum box, and the joint must be firm, reliable and easy to detect, so as to avoid potential threats to site personnel due to careless installation.

Stage rental LED display often needs to be transported by the car, ship or plane. In the process of transporting, the display may be knocked against because of turbulence, but in order not to affect the use effect, rental LED display must have a certain resistance to damage, so it can reduce the electronic components of the damage caused by shipping, lest affect normal display function.

3. Installation method
As mentioned above, the stage rental LED display can be disassembled and installed quickly. For example, after a concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage site to set up. And the traditional indoor and outdoor LED display, which is usually fixed installation mode, will not move easily after the installation position is fixed.

4. Rapid replacement and maintenance
When there is a local display failure on the rental display, the stage LED display must be partially removable and replaced quickly to ensure the normal performance.

The LED display rental market is becoming more and more popular. For small and medium-sized businesses, the rental LED display has the feature of "small investment and big return". As long as the rental fee is paid, the LED display can be used for their own purposes, such as brand publicity, advertising and atmosphere building, which greatly reduces the investment risk. Because of the huge market demand, LED display rental market has quickly become "hot" in the eyes of screen manufacturers. At present, LED rental screen is widely used in such fields as radio and television leasing, stage leasing, recreational and sports activity leasing, hotel leasing, wedding leasing, large conference BBS leasing, exhibition display leasing and night show leasing.
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