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Five Precise Positions Make Tecnon Different

Five Precise Positions Make Tecnon Different

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Tecnon Smart Display Technology Limited Company(Shenzhen) was founded in October 2017 as a high-tech enterprise born with a silver spoon, relying on Tecnon commercial lighting co., LTD.(Fujian), the gem stock code is: 300650; the listed company. The company has tremendous financial strength and experienced team, especially the "precise positionings" are remarkable and refreshing. Capital, products, team, marketing, operation mode, market positioning, etc are fully prepared, and the "five precision positioning", make Tecnon smart and "totally different".

1. We just make smart city terminals: if the core value of a brand is to have a good product, then the representative of Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD. is the outdoor LED advertising machine (smart city terminal). Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD has been connected to smart city terminals since the beginning of the company. The core team of Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD give up 15-year accumulation of customers and market on LED display screen, and then focus on market segments such as outdoor LED advertising machine and LED light pole screen, and around the product to launch the patent, qualification, certification, test report, server and other supporting work. At the same time, we redefine outdoor LED advertising machine and LED lamp screen from parameters, functions, appearance, intelligence and other aspects of the overall specification. There is an essential difference between a product and a traditional LED display. In just three months, Smart Display Technology Co., LTD has became the first brand and sales champion of outdoor LED advertising machine and the LED light pole screen, and gains more than 70% market share. In current mighy advance speed, our market share will continue to increase in 2018.

2. We take research and marketing as the core: although Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD has plenty of money, we give priority to research and marketing, so in the manufacturing and sales link we won't invest too much energy and money. Research: we have to develop products even use all the new technologies, new materials, new ideas, and learn from the two technology giants, Huawei and Apple. We make our own outstanding products elaborately, this is completely different from the past research of LED display industry which is just tinkering with the product and doing the surface work. Therefore, we'd like to recruit industrial design talents from television, mobile phone industry instead of personnel from LED display industry. At the same time, the company incorporate brand building into the company's blood. From the quality, technology and appearance to the sales process, we've paid great attention to the establishment of a good reputation, because the whole process of the company contains the factors of brand building.

3. We regard the civilian market as the ultimate customer base: from design to positioning, the advertising machine and screen light pole of Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD are to meet the civilian market, not just for application traditional government, industry or commerce but also application of related to the livelihood: the peoplecatering, business super, chains, scenic areas, schools, commercial area, residential area. The civilian market has four characteristics: (1) the quality is stable, (2) the operation is simple, (3) the price is cheap, (4) intelligent, standardized and can be Shared. The outdoor LED advertising machine and lamppost screen are moving toward this direction at an alarming rate. The company was founded only a few months, the product has already no real opponent in the industry for its advanced nature, stability, intelligence. Especially the price, a lot of input has been made by Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD on the premise of quality assurance, thus price advantage is very obvious. Now most people will choose Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD, except some not reasonable orders.

4.We give priority to the international market: since the establishment of Tecnon Smart Display Technology Co., LTD,we have been clearly positioning to the overseas market.What is the most direct performance is that our market is divided into seven regions: China, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Russian area, area of southeast Asia, South America, North America. Both quality and technology are oriented by European and American standards, and marketing and r&d investment are also based on overseas resources, which is not uncommon in the entire LED industry.

Classified as high-tech enterprises, and ultimately become a public company: Tecnon Smart Display from the start positions itself as the high-tech enterprises of Smart City terminal. Its products focus on the most advanced technologies such as information technology, LED technology, network technology, face recognition, charging pile, intelligent cluster control, etc. Also, there are a lot of product energy saving technology, new material and new craft used in products. Tecnon Smart Display outdoor LED advertising machine, lamp post screen, the 3-d advertising machine and other series of products are indeed scientific and full of technology. And the powerful function of the operating system makes Tecnon Smart Display extrordinary in a short time, the execution of the strategic positioning takes "Huawei and Apple" for reference, to make products perfectly. The IPO is the guiding principle of Tecnon Smart Display, which is not for the money, but the company's financial system, the sales system and the daily management are all normalized, and the public supervision is accepted.

Though the core management team of  Tecnon Smart Display comes from the LED display industry, the company's clear positioning at the beginning is totally different from the ordinary LED display business. Tecnon Smart Display has classified itself as a signage industry of Smart City, it also does not participate in the exhibition and exchange of the LED display industry. Its customer group is also apart from the LED display. As a result, it appears to be "different" with the crowd.

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