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The use of fixed install traffic guiding LED display

The use of fixed install traffic guiding LED display

Access:358 Time:2018.06.12
The application of fixed install LED display in outdoor has been very mature, which are often used in the fields of plaza, aviation, highways, and stage. In recent days, fixed install LED display used in the security industry have also been further developed and applied. Besides, fixed install LED display has always been the dominant application in transportation. The requirements for outdoor traffic guiding full-colour fixed install LED display generally include:

1. High brightness;                                                                                    
2. The display color is mainly red, green and yellow;                              
3. The brightness of the display screen is automatically adjustable;    
4. All-weather work;                                                                                  
5. With the corresponding remote control, fault diagnosis and detection functions.                                                                                  
6. In the display control system, software, LED pixel tube, integrated circuit and other aspects of the selection and quality requirements should be based on stability and reliability, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of fixed install traffic guiding LED display.        

At the same time, fixed install traffic guiding LED display generally work in the network environment and publish public information, which also requires high security. The fixed install traffic guiding LED display mainly focuses on the location of the display, the color of the display, the brightness of the LED display, remote requirements, safety, real-time, accuracy, and reliability.
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