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How To Choose LED Outdoor Electronic Display

How To Choose LED Outdoor Electronic Display

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LED outdoor electronic display has now become a beautiful landscape line in the city. However, the recent bad weather environment also causes various problems in the outdoor electronic display. Spontaneous combustion, leakage of quality and safety accidents are common. So, what details should be noticed for purchasing outdoor electronic display? 

Compared with the Led display panel for indoor applications, LED outdoor electronic display has a higher resolution to meet the effects of various remote or high ambient light states. The traditional LCD display resolution can only reach 1024 x 768. According to the actual test data, the demand for the resolution of the display device is at least 1920 x 1200 for outdoor applications, so that it can appear normally under the influence of sunlight. For smart advertising player, "resolution" will not become a big problem of its application popularity. However, the outdoor environment is changeable. In order to allow the outdoor smart advertising player to adapt to the chaotic environment, in addition to the "resolution", the waterproof, dustproof, Anti-theft, lightning protection, riot proof, anti-reflection, anti-electromagnetic interference and so on are all the problems that the digital notice system should think about and solve from indoor to outdoor. 

How To Choose LED Outdoor Electronic Display
What does outdoor smart advertising player need besides high resolution?
Outdoor smart advertising player should be waterproof and dust-proof. Waterproof and dustproof is first to face if you want to use in the outdoors.  

The protection grade of the equipment shell must be waterproof, the general waterproof grade reaches IPX5, it can run normally in the heavy rain. Dust is an important factor to reduce the efficiency of commodity and accelerate the aging of goods. Outdoor equipment should have specially designed dustproof structure and dustproof filter goods, and the dustproof grade reaches IP65.

Outdoor smart advertising player should be intelligent constant temperature. It will have three primary aspects of heat from solar radiation, air convection, and internal electronic components heating. According to regional temperature difference and location of equipment placement, LCD advertising player must have a temperature control plan. Some are air-conditioned and some are forced to air cooling. But no matter what kind of heat dissipation plan, the products generally meet the operating requirements of -30 C - 55 C and humidity 10% - 90%.

Outdoor smart advertising player should prevent violence and theft. The outdoor electronic display is generally used in outdoor public places. Public safety and safety of equipment are all problems to be considered in the outdoor electronic display. In general, the outdoor electronic display will use specially toughened sandwich glass. Even if the glass is broken, it can only produce fine crackle like spider reticulation. Its fragments are firmly attached to the middle layer, which can avoid physical damage or property loss caused by falling glass. In addition, facing the problem of burglary prevention, we should avoid screws being exposed, and solve the problem of burglary by combining locks with anti-theft functions and strong structural support.

Outdoor smart advertising player should prevent thunder. In order to achieve all-weather outdoor performance, the outdoor electronic display also has reliable lightning protection and electronic control design, providing safety guarantee for equipment in thunderstorm days. 

Outdoor smart advertising player should prevent reflection. The display interface is clearly visible in the outdoor environment. Anti-reflection is also an important aspect to think about. It is necessary to use specially coated glass to improve the visual viewpoint and resolution of the display and reduce the display reflection.

How To Choose LED Outdoor Electronic Display 2
Outdoor smart advertising player should prevent electromagnetic disturbance. The uncontrollability of outdoor environment makes it very important to prevent the electromagnetic disturbance of outdoor electronic display. We can not transform the outdoor environment, but we can use the shielding method of the internal electrical parts of the equipment. That is, effectively preventing internal devices and cables from disturbing signals, and preventing external electromagnetic interference to LED products. 

How To Choose LED Outdoor Electronic Display 3
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