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How To Choose Reliable Pole Led Display Provider?

How To Choose Reliable Pole Led Display Provider?

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With the rapid advancement of smart cities and the continuous development of LED display technology, smart pole led displays have been greatly improved, and their functions have become more stable and user-friendly. In particular, with the increasing demand for efficient services for outdoor media, many scenes such as smart street lamps are increasingly using pole led displays.

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At present, there are more than 4,000 LED display companies in China, and there are more than 2,000 LED display companies in Shenzhen, and 80% of the global LED display is provided. At the same time, the LED display is also a mixed industry, and the pole led display is very different from the LED display, but it has a certain correlation. Many LED display companies believe that pole led displays are simple . A product can be easily completed by adding an offline card to the cabinet. Therefore, there is insufficient brightness, high temperature resistance, no energy saving, no intelligence, no beauty, no waterproof, too heavy and so on. Therefore, many pole led display projects have been "dead" in the past two years.

In fact, due to the low price and inexperience, some LED display companies in the industry use the pole led display as a regular LED display after receiving thepole led display project. In the final project, they can't cope with it. They don't answer the phone directly, which makes the customer project unable to accept the project. Even the individual project will cost money to do it again. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality pole led display provider is an objective problem, but the answer is very realistic: this company needs to have pole led display spare parts, and is a series of spare parts.

pole led displays
1.There are spare parts for pole led display, indicating that the design drawings of this style are perfected, and each function module (power supply, control card, resistor, sound, power off product, power amplifier, camera, lock, wiring) is finalized. The installation was confirmed. Waterproofing has been tested and the software has been debugged several times. If there is no spare, the drawing will be repainted. The probability of a problem is enormous, and there is no guarantee what kind of problem will arise.

 2.There are spare parts for the pole led display, indicating that the supply chain is mature and certain. In fact, the supplier decided to 50% of the weight of the pole led display products, and the price is not high. If there are no spare parts, the supplier is still not sure. The goods that are delivered to the customer at that time are not necessarily matched. Why bother to cater to the market?

pole led displays

3.When the project is urgent, there is a spare light for the pole led display, which can respond to the customer in the first time. The product model and appearance of many projects need to be based on a visible object. Then improve and adjust on this basis. This is very helpful for the customer's project advancement. If you don't have spare parts, it takes at least two weeks to make a prototype. In the meantime, it is very likely that business opportunities have been missed and the losses are immeasurable.
Therefore, it is not difficult to find that providing customers with rapid project response and mature, stable and reliable products is increasingly becoming the key to meet the market demand of each pole led display provider. Tecnon always focuses on the field of LED smart terminals. More than 30 pole led display prototypes are ready at any time. Among the three mainstream products, there are more than 5 stocks. In this way, the perfect rendering effect can be achieved for each project from design, shipment to installation, from commissioning to use. Tecnon is able to fulfill the high demands of customers for each project. While Tecnon seeks balance in development, it also wins the trust of customers.

pole led displays

In the future, in order to open up a wider range of application requirements and continuously integrate intelligence into products, Tecnon will exhaust new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas with a more forward-looking vision. Tecnon will truly connect with the market with lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful LED smart terminal products, and deliver more innovative products and solutions to the market.
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