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How to Maintain the Outdoor LED Display

How to Maintain the Outdoor LED Display

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Compared with traditional electronic products, outdoor LED display is more complex and changeable in terms of use environment, installation program, use time, etc. In the process of use, we should not only pay attention to ways and methods, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the display, so as to ensure the quality and life of LED display. Especially the locations where experience flood season, outdoor LED display not only need to be exposed to the sun, but also be subjected to lightning, thunder and rain from time to time. But how to make this product's service life longer? Let me tell you the steps as following:

1.Limit the environment humidity of the outdoor advanced LED display suitable, and don't let anything with the nature of humidity into your outdoor LED display. Power-on the outdoor LED displays containing humidity can lead to corrosion of components or permanent damage.

Outdoor LED Display

2. To avoid the possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection to keep the objects that may cause damage to the outdoor LED large display away from the display as much as possible, and wipe the display as gently as possible to minimize the possibility of injury.

3. Outdoor LED large displays are most closely related to our users, and it is also necessary to do a good job in cleaning and maintenance. Exposure to outdoor environment for a long time, such as wind, sun, dust, etc. it is easy to show dirty. For a period of time, the display must be dusty, which needs to be cleaned in time to prevent the dust on the surface for a long time to affect the viewing effect.

4. Stable power supply and good grounding protection are required. Do not use in severe natural conditions, especially in severe thunderstorms.

5. Water, iron powder and other conductive metal objects are strictly prohibited inside the display. Outdoor LED displays should be placed in low dust environment as far as possible. Large dust will affect the display effect, and too much dust will damage the circuit. If water is entered for any reason, please immediately cut off power and contact maintenance staff until the display board inside the screen body is dry before use.

Outdoor LED Display

6.  Right order of Switch on-off sequence of outdoor LED display:
A: first, turn on the control computer to operate normally, and then open the outdoor LED large display.
B: turn off the outdoor LED large screen firstly, and then turn off the computer.

7. It is recommended that outdoor LED large screens should have a rest time of more than 2 hours every day and should be used at least once a week during the rainy season. Typically, the display should be turned on at least once a month and lights up for more than 2 hours.

8. Outdoor LED display shall be checked regularly: whether the operation is normal or not and whether the circuit is damaged or not. If it is not working, it shall be replaced in time and the circuit shall be repaired or replaced in time.

Outdoor LED Display

9. When playing, do not stay in all-white, all-red, all-green, all-blue and other all-bright images for a long time, so as to avoid causing excessive current, excessive heating of power cord and damage of LED lights, which will affect the service life of the display. Do not disassemble or splice the display body.

10. Outdoor LED large display master control computer and other related equipment should be placed in the room with air conditioning and dust to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation and stable operation of the computer.

11. Outdoor LED large display internal wiring, non-professional personnel are prohibited to touch, so as to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit. If there is a problem, ask the professional to carry out maintenance.

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