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Improve Stability Of Stage Rental LED Display

Improve Stability Of Stage Rental LED Display

Access:316 Time:2018.10.29
Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, LED display is frequently used in advertisements, performances, parties, news release and other large-scale activities, and the stability of the display plays a crucial role in the whole process, especially the rental series of live performance activities. In order to achieve various display effects, it is necessary to transform the display and splice its shape frequently. The requirements for the display should not only be easy to install and debug, but also with extremely high stability. So how to improve the stability of stage rental LED displays? The following three aspects are illustrated from material selection, system control scheme and real-time monitor of display working state.

The key materials that determine the working stability of the display include LED lamp, driving IC, power supply, power signal connector and excellent structural design. Our requirements for material selection are: international well-known brands, relevant tests and requirements for various protection functions above the requirements of industrial standards.
For example, switch power supply selection requirements: overheating protection, AC input to support wide voltage, surge resistance. DC output should be overvoltage, overcurrent protection. The structure design should ensure good heat dissipation and fast splicing while ensuring the appearance and fashion of the box.

System control scheme of each link with hot backup functions, including video sending and receiving devices, signal transmission cables, etc. It can guarantee that the system can automatically diagnose and switch to the backup device to work at very fast speed when some point with unexpected situation, but the whole process of switch will not affect the display effect.

For example, in order to meet the needs of stage scenes, the display needs to be moved and spliced in the live broadcast. If a display signal input line in the middle of the large display is loosened due to staff negligence or other reasons, in the conventional control scheme, there will be no signal on all displays from the beginning of the box where the release occurs to the end of the signal cascade. If the hot backup scheme is added to the control system, the hot backup function will be activated at the moment when the signal line is loose, and the display can still work normally without any impact on the live broadcast.

The full color LED display can be monitored in real time by computer, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, cooling fan, etc. It can automatically adjust and handle various situations, and provide position and alarm for exceptions. For example, if the internal temperature of a box is relatively high due to environmental or other factors, the power supply inside the box will be temperature protected at any time without timely treatment. If the display status is monitored in this situation, the system will reduce the internal temperature of the display by intelligently adjusting the display status. When the temperature cannot be lowered to the set target by intelligent adjustment, the system will give an alarm through staff setting, and provide the location of the abnormal box, informing staff to deal with it in time. Ensure the normal working status of the display.
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