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Is There a Place for the Digital Signage in 2018?

Is There a Place for the Digital Signage in 2018?

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1. With the rise of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and other emerging industries, is there a place for digital signage in 2018?

Absolutely there is a place for digital signage. Our company's smart terminal light bar screen advertising machine is one of the forms of digital signage, which is an indispensable part when building smart street lamps in smart city construction.

2. In the trend of intelligent terminals, should the digital signage industry fight alone by super-intensive work, or use convergence platform to fight together?

There are two aspects to this question. In terms of product development, it tends to fight alone. In order to improve the intelligent terminal, efforts should be put to continuously develop the application of products and enhance concentration of the company.

In terms of marketing, on the other hand, platforms or integrators should integrate resources and work together. It is mainly manifested in the integration of funds, the integration of cooperation methods, the integration of data platforms, and so on, so as to fully realize the win-win or multi-win situation.

3. How can digital signage enable users to truly enjoy the zero-distance experience and convenience of the application under the popular intelligent terminal concept?

Due to the full combination and application of intelligent functions such as the remote voice intercom, remote interactive video, face recognition, WIFI, weather environment detection, remote cluster control, smart lamp screen and smart advertising machine which belong to digital signage can sufficiently interact with people in information publish, weather conditions, one-click alarm, one-click taxi and safe city when applied to roads, business districts or scenic areas with a lot of people, thus they can provide people with zero-distance experience and convenience.

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