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Why is the Appearance of the LED Advertising Display A Key Part of the Design?

Why is the Appearance of the LED Advertising Display A Key Part of the Design?

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For the technology products, the appearance has always been a plus point, LED advertising display (somewhere also called led advertising signage) is no exception. The exquisite appearance not only makes LED advertising display look more scientific and modern, but also is the main form of expression that gives customers a first impression. Many people may think that the appearance of the product refers only to the outer shell of the product. In fact, the outer casing is only a part of the appearance of the product. It is mainly designed for the shape and overall structure of the product, including color, material and shape.

LED Advertising Display

It must be mentioned that the rapid sweep of the homogenization of the LED display market has brought a huge sense of exhaustion to LED display manufacturers. Therefore, the embodiment of personalization is particularly important. However, for the LED advertising display, the appearance and innovative functions are both important. One fact that we can't ignore is that most LED advertising display are “cumbersome” and the color design is relatively simple. In this way, no enough aesthetics in appearance, the "cumbersome" box structure also brings a lot of inconvenience to the later maintenance of the LED advertising display product. On the other hand, the LED advertising display is located outdoors and has a large number, which has become a part of urban construction. If the design is not fully integrated into it, it is very awkward. Therefore, the outdoor LED advertising display not only has to satisfy the effect of advertising, but also pays attention to appearance design, so that the LED advertising display could bring visual impact and beautiful feeling to the public from the appearance. In this way, the efficiency of advertising operations can be improved, the marketing effect can be doubled, and the value of products will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

LED Advertising Display

At the same time, the selection of the appearance is equally important. Good selection not only makes the LED advertising display look more graded, but also has a breakthrough in heat dissipation and overall weight. In addition, the appearance is an important presentation of customization. Good material selection and unique product manufacturing process will make the appearance of the texture more textured, which will bring a more intuitive experience and make the product more cost-effective. It is easier to improve the market competitive advantage of products and consolidate market position.

It is worth mentioning that as a smart city terminal manufacturer, Tecnon LED advertising display has always been based on design diversification to highlight personalization. And the products are treated with professional surface technology to ensure that the appearance is fashionable and modern while ensuring that it could be used outdoors for eight years without fading. At the same time, Tecnon knows that the apparent advantages of this LED advertising display and pole advertising display will be further highlighted in the market, so it has been working hard on the design. The new transformation and upgrading of the cabinet from galvanized sheet to profiled aluminum to fully cast aluminum makes the whole product more beautiful, lighter and more competitive and becomes a high-grade technical handicraft.

LED Advertising Display

As of 2018, Tecnon has obtained 24 patents on the appearance of the products, and more innovative appearance patents are still being filed. In addition, Teconn will gradually transform from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, further breaking the boundaries of technological innovation and exhausting new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas. Tecnon makes LED advertising machines, intelligent LED light pole screens and other products lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful, and becomes a benchmarking enterprise in the field of smart city terminals.
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