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LED Advertising Display And Pole Advertising Display Ushered In New Development Opportunities

LED Advertising Display And Pole Advertising Display Ushered In New Development Opportunities

Access:422 Time:2018.10.23
The outdoor advertising market has always been a large market. According to statistics, with the changing and development of the economy, various countries in the world have different patterns for outdoor advertising operations. In 2018, it is expected to reach 38 billion US dollars, a 3% increasing compare to the same period last year. It is expected that a balanced and orderly rise will be reached in the next two years.

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Different from the traditional outdoor billboard operation mode, LED totem display and pole digital signage are new type of outdoor media equipment, have undergone tremendous changes in practical environmental applications. The first matter is the big difference in operating model. There is no need personnel changing advertising content and collect information on site. Through remote control, the replacement of advertising content can be realized with one click, and the rapid dissemination of digital information is completed. It also shortens the waiting time and meets the requirements of green environmental protection.

In addition, the advertising content screen presented by the LED totem display and pole digital signage is vivid color, strong in 3D working performance, static like painting, moving like a movie. It is also possible to push the corresponding information content to a specific group of people at a specific time and at a specific place, and it is easy to grasp the attention of the pedestrian. It is said that the moment is "the content is king", if your content does not attract people's attention, then no matter how many advertisements you vote for, it will not help. Therefore, as a highly networked, digital, and information-based  LED totem display and pole digital signage, it has inherent advantages in position layout and content layout, and is highly professional and highly targeted. In the new era, the outdoor advertising market has also shown a trend of new formats and new models, and the big data strategy is the main line of development, helping the advertisers to form strong adhesion.

Tecnon Smart display, as a leader in smart display field.  Catering to the current outdoor advertising market needs to continue to innovate in the diversification of product functions. At present, smart city terminal products such as Tecnon  LED totem display and pole digital signage have breakthrough and upgrade in outdoor high brightness(7000cd), high-definition, energy saving, intelligent cluster control, automatic brightness adjustment, smart monitoring, wireless management, intelligent temperature control, etc. These smart display products are used in many cities across the country. In particular, it has extremely mature application solutions in the field of highway toll stations and smart street light, and has a certain penetration in the market.

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