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Beijing High Speed Toll Gate Rolling Light Box Upgraded To LED Advertising Player

Beijing High Speed Toll Gate Rolling Light Box Upgraded To LED Advertising Player

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With the large-scale dismantling of billboards, the advertising position of toll gates at highways has also become one of the key points for rectification. We will see a large number of different forms of billboards at the high-speed toll gate, including the artillery, the billboard at the top of the toll station, sentry booth advertisement, Island Head advertisement lamp box, Cone advertising and so on. Because this is a necessary place for high-end consumer groups and has become a hotly contested spot for advertising companies.

Beijing High Speed Toll Gate Rolling Light Box Upgraded To LED Advertising Player
In recent years, the advertising industry has been quickly changed, the Internet is becoming more and more popular, and there are many difficulties in advertising operation offline. Disorderly competition has caused a lot of advertising sites to arouse public resentment. A popular saying in the society is "fire prevention, guard against theft and anti-advertising". Besides, the advertising industry itself can not enhance the GDP, nor does it solve many jobs. However, a large number of billboards have affected the appearance of the city, so the government's rectification of billboards is inevitable. As the capital, Beijing first proposed the concept of "skyline". A large number of billboards were dismantled overnight. At the same time, the concept of “reducing the amount and increasing efficiency” has been put forward at the advertising position of high-speed toll gates.

What is the "reducing the amount and increasing efficiency"? It is to dismantle the original billboards of high-speed toll gates and put on the intelligent LED Advertising player on the toll ramp. In this way, the entire toll gate appears cleaner, neat, full of technology and modern sense. More importantly, it can cooperate with high-speed management companies to strengthen the management of toll stations, and can quickly change functions of toll ramp and release instant messages.

There are 1400 toll ramps in Beijing, which are all rolling light boxes. Not only the grade is low, the replacement of the picture is inconvenient, but also can not help the management. So from 2018, all the rolling light boxes are upgraded and transformed into intelligent LED Advertising player. This kind of advertising player can be controlled by wireless cluster, synchronous switching, automatic brightness adjustment, remote hard power, energy saving, monitoring, probe, completely changing the original advertising mode.

Tecnon Smart Display has completed the upgrading of the three toll stations in Beijing. As a leading display company which specializing in outdoor LED advertising player’ research and development and manufacture in China (Stock Code: 300650), Shenzhen Tecnon experienced intense competition and finally got the supply contract of this project. After the successful commissioning of the Beijing high-speed advertising machine, the upgrading and transformation of the high-speed roll ramp advertising light boxes in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places also started one after another.

Beijing's three toll ramp LED advertising players are two models of P3.841200*1800 and 1000*1800. It adopts the energy-saving technology, wireless cluster control, brightness automatic adjustment, synchronous switching and other new technologies. The shape is fine and elegant, and the picture is fine. It makes the high-speed toll gate be full of scientific and technological sense.

2 Beijing High Speed Toll Gate Rolling Light Box Upgraded To LED Advertising Player

3Beijing High Speed Toll Gate Rolling Light Box Upgraded To LED Advertising Player
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