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LED display industry breakthroughs - the King of market segments

LED display industry breakthroughs - the King of market segments

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2017 is a happy year for strong growth in LED display industry demand. Most of the LED display company's performance has a breakthrough, and even some companies have performed very well and have experienced strong growth. I personally believe that this is the result of the hard work of these companies. It is also a reflection of the joint efforts of the market in the past two years and the strong market demand, new markets and new era. The temporary prosperity of the market can not completely conceal the problems of the development of the industry. After a few years of disorderly industry competition and market scouring, a large number of non-competitive and Undefined positioning enterprises have been eliminated. The industry's chaos has been reduced, but from the macro and long-term perspectives, there are still some problems that concern the direction of the enterprise's development. Combining the current industry competition pattern, future market orientation, and development trends in the new era, we can easily conclude that it is the right path to become the king of market segments.

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Looking at the entire LED display industry, all companies can be divided into three categories: listed companies, private companies, and trading companies. The characteristics of the company are mainly reflected in market positioning, product positioning, and model positioning.

At present, listed company like Leyard and Absen are good. Leyard has a small pixel pitch, and Absen's business is sound.  Although these listed companies have capital advantages, if they do not have characteristics, they can only status quo. The way ahead will be increasingly difficult.

Private enterprises account for over 95% of the entire industry. The so-called non-characteristics, includes products without characteristics, technical features, positioning features, etc., poor product quality and will only imitate other products.

Many companies produce a big variety of the products. Some company specifications are not small. In addition to fighting prices, there is no other way to compete. These companies have been more uncomfortable in the fierce competition of the past two years, but the most difficult times have not yet arrived.

The number of unique companies is very limited. Like Leyard's small pixel pitch, LightLink's rental screen, Tecnon's Floor Standing LED Poster and Pole LED Display, Kszled's ball screen, Nexnovo's transparent screen, Joyway's  transparent screen, Tiege's glass screens, etc, all have product features and are unique in the positioning of products and markets.

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Whether it is a listed company or a start-up company, in a certain period of time, the resources that can be invoked are also limited, so if we want to form an advantage, we must concentrate resources in the areas we are good at and form our own competitive advantages.

Throughout the development of the industry, we can easily find such an example. The earliest in the industry to do a small pixel pitch is the Retop display, not Leyard. In that year, Guangzhou Guixin Electronics took its own development of the driver chip and found Retop to produce P2.5 small pixel pitch. The cooperation of several projects in the previous cooperation was quite successful. But due to the resignation of the responsible sales manager and the termination of the cooperation, the pace of development of Retop at the small pixel pitch was abruptly stopped. Then Leyard dominated the small pixel pitch market based on geographical advantages.

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It is also difficult for a featured company to succeed. For example, Kszled's , who is a ball screen player, has invested heavily in R&D and marketing, and the management team is also good at operating.  If the products can be standardized and then mass-produced, the prices will be grounded and the civil market will be successful. Joyway, the product positioning has a unique eye, sales and R & D investment is also a lot, done a lot of engineering cases, then the stability is further upgraded to a level, the company will have a major breakthrough.

Floor Standing LED Poster (electronic smart lightbox), Pole LED Display, market demand is actually very large, with the advent of smart cities, the era of interconnection of all things, the future have enormous potentials. But no one company has dared to focus on this area, so the quality dissatisfaction, the price will not come down, not to mention establishing the industry benchmark. Concentrate all resources in a subdivided area, form a local advantage, through product iteration, optimization and upgrading, improve product quality, while reducing prices, from the quantitative change to the ultimate change to achieve the ultimate, this is the only way to become the king of market segments.

Tecnon will vividly show us how to assemble various resources and become the king of LED outdoor advertising machine and pole screens.

  • First of all, from the beginning of its establishment, Tecnon focused on  Floor Standing LED Poster and Pole LED Display and abandoned conventional products.
  • Second, the company regards R&D and marketing as the core of development and firmly grasps two key links in the value chain.
  • Third, the company mainly produces products.
  • Fourth, when it is established, it will introduce capital to ensure sufficient funds.
  • Fifth, this is also a key point. The company exerts its efforts on product  parameters, functions, appearance, certification, test reports, and patents to ensure that the products are technologically advanced and stable in quality.
  • Sixth, since the establishment of the company, the company has begun to establish its own sales ecosystem, and has made extensive connections in markets such as smart street lamps, smart cities, Dealer show , and advertising, and has established a unique community of interests.
  • Seventh, the company is positioned as a supporting supplier in the sales model and participates in direct project construction, which will benefit partners.

In addition, Tecnon's core team has the advantage of R&D and marketing experience in LED industry and smart city system integration. It will build a strong R&D system and marketing system for the company and realize the company's  Floor Standing LED Poster and Pole LED Display field. From quantitative change to qualitative change, and control market.

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