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Led Information Display to Create The Perfect Stage

Led Information Display to Create The Perfect Stage

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1.A stage based on the stage frame of led information displays as the main body and the position of the light is left around each unit screen.
Such a stage is more common, and the stage structure is built in a deep manner.

Led Information Display to Create The Perfect Stage
The screen is suspended from the stage frame, and the lighting effect is hung between the screens.  It's the depth and patchwork of the screen that leads the stage to the distance, which makes the depth of field of the whole picture longer, resulting in a strong perspective effect. With so much room left for the lights to hang and play, the whole stage also has a good atmosphere and dynamic and also expresses the theme of this evening party. However, the stage structure will appear to be relatively simple and not vivid.

2.The big screen is all the stage design, the big screen is designed as the background, the side curtain, everything in the scene, such as space and time, is done by the big screen, and the actor does a non-physical performance.

Led Information Display to Create The Perfect Stage 2
This kind of stage is used in many places, of course, it has its advantages, save trouble. With a picture, the things that should be explained in the plot can be accounted for. A video screen can show the sense of form of the whole program, with a large screen, a large amount of stage art costs are saved.

Speaking of such a stage form, it is necessary to mention the Spring Festival Gala of CCTV. As early as 2012, its entire stage has already adopted a large-screen box-style set, and the small screen in the large screen can also be lifted and lowered separately. When the program requires a mountain, the small screen on the stage can show the shape of the mountain through its own lifting. On the basis of this, plus the picture of the three-dimensional mountain, the distant mountains presented by the background set, the sky showed by the big screen on the top, and the picture video carefully processed by the video production team, a three-dimensional realistic, virtual ideal space was formed, and the image of the space is movable. The use of dynamic led information displays enhances the sense of hierarchy and movement of the stage. The dynamic led information display can lift and move according to the specific content of the performance, which will greatly enhance the performance of the program and let the audience immerse themselves in the scene.

From the visual point of view, the stage is both overall and atmospheric. But there is a shortcoming in this way, that is, the space for the lighting design is too small, because it is a box-type set, the position for lighting installation is extremely limited. Therefore, the atmosphere and ambient light will be lacking on the stage, which will make the stage lack of atmosphere and it will be difficult to present a perfect stage effect.

Led Information Display to Create The Perfect Stage 3
3.With the large led information display  as the "center" of the stage, a three-dimensional stage set is created by means of projection and holography.

Compared with traditional stage art techniques, the biggest feature of LED technology and video stage art is the creation of the second space. Through a variety of unique three-dimensional techniques, the director creates a virtual visual space through the led information display. This space is combined with the real space on the stage, which can greatly expand the visual space of the performance scene, allowing the audience to create a sense of interlacing time and space, showing an extremely excellent stage visual effect.

Of course, the styles of the stages are different. Each era has different forms of stage performance, but led information display is undoubtedly a trend of the times. It can be seen everywhere, and it is indispensable on the stage. The application of science and technology is not the only means. The key is how we can achieve the desired stage effect.

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Led Information Display to Create The Perfect Stage 4
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