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Why is the LED Signage A New Business Card for Urban Modernization?

Why is the LED Signage A New Business Card for Urban Modernization?

Access:304 Time:2018.11.13
As a new type of outdoor media equipment, LED signage (somewhere called led digital signage) have been seen everywhere in our lives in recent years. With the strong advantages of low operating cost and high utilization rate, it has become an efficient and efficient display carrier for digital, network and information. It further promoted the potential expansion of the LED signage market. Statistics show that the size of the LED signage market in the first half of 2018 has risen sharply. In the first half of the year, the sales volume of advertising machines in mainland China reached 899,000 units. Compared with the year-on-year growth of 121.1%, it can be seen that the overall market's upward trend is more obvious.

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Thanks to the wisdom society and the construction of digital China advocated in recent years, it not only promotes the development of new smart cities, but also accelerates the layout of LED smart city terminal products. As an important category of smart city terminals, LED signage play a more important role in the construction of smart cities. It is the front entrance of the layout of the city's Internet of Things, and it is the power to embrace the new era of wisdom.
In fact, let alone the commercial value of its own, the reason why LED signage have such a position in the construction of smart cities is that at present the new intelligent LED signage is equipped with voice and video interaction, face recognition, dynamic capture, data acquisition and other application technologies based on big data and artificial intelligence, which is the growth point and entry point needed for the construction of smart cities. It has become a new business card for urban modernization. At the same time, one-way communication in the information age is no longer the current trend. Different types of people use innovative technology functions to match content, achieve accurate content delivery, and make urban applications more modern and intelligent.

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Not only that, LED signage as an outdoor media interconnection device has a wide range of applications, including transportation, community, campus, scenic spots, business districts, parks and so on. And the outstanding performance in the aspect of energy saving and consumption reduction is in line with the needs of modern urban construction. The possession of the Internet features meets the modernization of the current urban interconnection. At the same time, the outdoor LED signage and pole LED signage not only have a product design atmosphere, but also a variety of content screen display forms, adding a charm to the beautification of the entire city.

It is worth mentioning that Tecnon Smart Display, as a professional supplier of intelligent city terminals, has been deeply involved in the segmentation of floor standing led signage and pole led signage. In practical applications, Tecnon smart display products have outdoor highlighting (7000cd), high-definition energy saving, intelligent cluster control, automatic brightness adjustment, intelligent monitoring, wireless management, intelligent temperature control and other special features.and other similar products in the industry have opened the gap.

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At the same time, in today's smart city construction, Tecnon, as a group of companies that proposed the concept of “smart city terminal” earlier in the industry, is now at the forefront of the industry. It further broke the boundary of technological innovation and realized the change from quantitative to qualitative. Tecnon Smart Display exhausted the new materials, new technologies, new functions, and new ideas. It made the smart city terminal products  lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful. Tecnon smart display will open a new era of "interconnect + sharing + intelligence".
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