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Led Signage Displays Status Is Growing Up! Four Characteristics Promote The Future Development Of Le

Led Signage Displays Status Is Growing Up! Four Characteristics Promote The Future Development Of Le

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1.The unique spatial value of the core business circle
Outdoor led signage displays are mostly located in the landmark part of the core city, Central Business District, main roads, and densely populated places. With the development of the urbanization process, these places have become the main places of the mainstream people in the city to engage in business activities, leisure and entertainment shopping and shopping, so they have the characteristics of scarcity, core and so on, and have also become the media forms of marketing value and quality. According to the survey, it is found that the average weekly arrival rate of the outdoor led signage displays is 61.8%, the average weekly business circle is 3.8 times, the average monthly arrival rate is 79.3%. 30% of the audience took the initiative to pay attention to the outdoor led signage displays, and the average audience's average eye stay was 15.1 seconds. Led signage displays have a relatively stable and repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to the effective transmission and understanding of led signage displays information. 

Led Signage Displays Status Is Growing Up

2.The high rate of arrival, effective coverage of the audience
The led signage displays have the features of the large screen area, eye-catching, strong visual impact force, wide view range and colorful color, with good sight distance and super clear picture and unique spatial advantage, which makes the media of led signage displays attract the eyeballs of urban crowd. 

3.The recognition of the audience and the transformation of the effect of advertising
Outdoor led signage displays can effectively enhance the audience's awareness of and attitude to the brand. In view of outdoor media, interviewees are more inclined to think that the brand of outdoor led signage displays is a powerful brand and the leading brand in various industries. At the same time, the outdoor advertising led display is also very helpful to enhance the impression of the brand and product. 76.1% of the audience affirmed that outdoor advertising led display has a great influence on the promotion of brand and product impression. Product advertising and the resulting brand image will play an important role in consumer purchase.

Led Signage Displays Status Is Growing Up 2

4.The high end of the audience and the obvious marketing value
In recent years, outdoor led signage displays manufactures are constantly emerging. But at the same time, we also see that the level of outdoor led signage displays manufactures is uneven. In order to maintain the daily operation of the media, ignoring the quality and content of advertisements, it has a negative impact on the image of the media. Thus, in order to further realize the diversity of the media, the healthy development of the industry, the establishment of a good media brand image, and the importance of long-term sustainable development and continuous innovation, this view is also confirmed by deep visiting experts. It is very important to innovate and improve the quality of the media. Some outdoor led signage displays manufacture has introduced new technologies such as human screen interaction and two-dimensional code scanning, which attract consumers to participate in the process of brand communication, so as to improve the integration value of media advertising. 

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Led Signage Displays Status Is Growing Up 3
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