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New Option for Outdoor Advertising, See Tecnon Lead the Industry

New Option for Outdoor Advertising, See Tecnon Lead the Industry

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As we all know, advertising is the most indispensable means of business. The traditional billboard and lightbox consume a lot because of the cheap cost. The traditional large size led display to consume a lot because the vivid video working performance. The LCD consumes a lot also.

However, billboard and lightbox are static photo showing, advertising working performance at night is bad, the large size led display is too costly. The LCD brightness is too weak during the daytime. So what will be the best option on this? Outdoor Smart LED display comes out.

Pakistan pole led displays

In fact, the Smart LED display is the new favorite of outdoor advertising display. It has the characteristics of media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display, etc. It has been widely used in recent years. Because LED is synonymous with energy saving, the Smart LED display has always been valued for energy saving and environmental protection.

Smart LED display mainly have two types. Floor standing LED totem(somewhere called led kiosk) and Pole LED display(somewhere called pole led sign), they are the high-definition panel, high brightness, remote control the advertising content through wireless networks, and can accurately express the remote synchronous update. Each panel is only 1-4sqm, size is small and cost lower, so easy for quantity installation.

Floor standing LED kiosk in Nanning train station

However, Tecnon team are all experienced professors in the LED display. With the common sense that smart LED display is the trend, they got together and establish this company together in 2017.
Though Tecnon is a young team, only within half a year, they have already built the whole system which other companies may take 10 years.
1.ISO9001, ISO14001 system finishing.
2.30 patents achievement and 5 quality certificates obtain(Including CE, Rohs, FCC, CCC, IP65)
3. Being field first one to launch outdoor P3.84, P2.94, P2.38.
4. Tecnon renamed Pole led display.

Tecnon general manager introduce company to client team

Tecnon follow the market and lead the trend. Constantly offering attractive products. Only within half a year, already partner with global leaders like Hikvision, Dahua, Osram, Philip, and JCDecaux. With more and more new designs come out, sure Tecnon will amazing the world.
Let's expecting it.

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