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Opportunities for Outdoor Smart LED Player

Opportunities for Outdoor Smart LED Player

Access:319 Time:2018.06.19
First of all, at present, most of the digital outdoor LED display devices in China are still unable to reach the deeper level of technology participation from the technical level. The technology development and product application are still relatively superficial. In recent years, the digital outdoor media group abroad has seen a significant increase in the quality of 3D displays, which, combined with the decline in technology costs, means that it is now a not only viable and eye-catching outdoor advertising display facility. Secondly, from the perspective of the advantages of the digital outdoor smart LED player, it is a versatile carrier that breaks through the tradition, having three modes: pure TVC video playback, e-magazine playback, FLASH creative mode playback.

As far as technology is concerned, digital outdoor LEDs can be very diversified, and more can achieve multi-screen linkage and human screen interaction through interactive multi-directional communication, and help the interaction between outdoor media and consumers. Finally, interaction should be a bright spot for LEDs, and advertisers can buy more screens with money, so as to get more attention. The conversion between attention and purchase desire is the ultimate function of LED big screen. Advertisers should understand that the role of LED large screen is to win the eye with size and win the market by interaction.       
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