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Outdoor LED Advertising Player Has Become Led Display Industry Trend

Outdoor LED Advertising Player Has Become Led Display Industry Trend

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After nearly 20 years of triumph, the led display panel industry finally reach to a new point. The previously led display panel meets the use of demand, the function is the basic display effect and the convenience of installation, including the continuous improvement of the rental housing specifications, refresh rate, gray scale, precision, brightness and so on.
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By 2018, it seems no longer meaningful for companies to work harder on these basic needs. The direction of evolution is more in the direction of intelligent, refine, functional, personalized and miniaturized. It aimed at replacing traditional LED sign, logo sign and lightbox. The program could be edited ,Message, graphic and video could be play processed to play and sure more competitive.

Compared to traditional led display, this led advertising player field means “higher density, higher brightness, thinner, waterproof ,more energy saving and more beautiful ”.Also require more intelligent like brightness automatic adjustment, wireless&remote control, GPS synchronous program playing,remote power on/off, auto heat adjusting, anti-vandalism, internet security etc. Most importantly, price should be low. Only low price could this come to civilian market.

For example the outdoor LED kiosk, it does not only require high density, high brightness etc advantages mentioned above, but also quality great and price less than than 5000USD. This is not a extra obtain but require enterprises’ focus and invest large human resource, fund resource and time. This is a complicated project which require innovation from the origin aim to last applications. And this is an endless process.

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An outdoor LED smart advertising player that can meet the needs of the market and users has no real qualified products at present. Most of the enterprises in the led display panel industry lack the real spirit of innovation and adventure. They are just tinker, instead of spending on the lighter, thinner, smarter and more beautiful fields that need to be extended. The intelligent advertising player is different from the previously led display panel technology. It is a systematic project. In order to meet the needs of the customer, the parameters must be changed, the shape must be changed, the function must be changed, and the selling concept must also be changed.

Outdoor advertising led display requires not only the brightness, energy saving and HD of 7000CD, but also requires exquisite appearance, brightness automatic adjustment, and wireless intelligent cluster control. It also needs synchronous video playing, remote power on/off, intelligent heat dissipation, burglar proof, waterproof and moistureproof. In addition, there are special cloud servers and secure control software, various certifications, and various patents. All these requires a company to devote all its energy to think, develop, and invest heavily. Only the development of the system is a long-term process of time-consuming, energy consuming and burning money. A functional improvement may take hundreds of times to design, test repeatedly, and think in the perspective of the customer (user), which requires a consensus and patience of the core management of the company.
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Tecnon Smart Display is now the best example. The company is positioned accurately in the outdoor smart advertising player, which is backed by the capital advantage of list company. We pay attention to product research and development, design and market direction and marketing. Mostly adopt present new materials, new technologies, new ideas, innovative spirit and an adventurous spirit. The product is "lighter, more energy saving, more beautiful, more intelligent and cheaper" as the company's business philosophy and direction. We use "price to detonate the market, quantitative change to qualitative change" as a marketing tool. To now, Tecnon Smart Display have offered more than 30 kinds designs like pole led display, led kiosk, LED signage etc for different applications. This is just the beginning and sure more amazing products will come out. Let's expecting it .
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