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Outdoor Hanging Led Display helps intelligent traffic display construction

Outdoor Hanging Led Display helps intelligent traffic display construction

Access:501 Time:2018.06.23
Pedestrian red light capture system is another innovative application of outdoor hanging LED display. Compared with traditional LCD and DLP, LED display can not only achieve higher display accuracy and better color reproduction, but also dustproof and waterproof, which is especially suitable for traffic roads with complex environments. In addition to the continuous advancement of technology, small-pitch LED displays have also made breakthroughs in outdoor applications, which is more helpful to improve the screen display effect of the red light capture system.

In addition to its outstanding advantages, the outdoor hanging LED display is also combined with new technologies such as face recognition technology, video processing technology and sound source localization. After real-time extraction and recognition of the face, the face data of the red light is automatically stored. And through real-time search comparison, combined with big data operation, it can find out whether the same person has run multiple red light, and through data docking means to verify the identity of the offenders, the traffic offenders are punished.

Under the joint promotion of smart city construction and urban rail transit construction, outdoor hanging LED display screens are hot in the field of intelligent traffic display, and the market share is also expanding, from outdoor traffic guidance screens, bus station intelligent display to the indoor traffic monitoring screen. Nowadays, the pedestrian red light capture system favored by major cities, the outdoor hanging LED display has blossomed everywhere in the field of intelligent transportation, and its figure can be seen everywhere.
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