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How does the Outdoor Hanging LED Display cope with the bad outdoor environment

How does the Outdoor Hanging LED Display cope with the bad outdoor environment

Access:357 Time:2018.06.25
The outdoor hanging LED display , used as an outdoor advertising device, is much more demanding for the environment than a typical display.  Outdoor hanging LED display in the process of use, due to the different environment, it is often affected by bad weather such as high temperature, typhoon, heavy rain, lightning, etc. To make the display safe in bad weather, we must take precautions to ensure its safety. The following is an introduction to  the precautions for outdoor LED displays in inclement weather.

First, prevent high temperature. In production, ensure that the display circuit board is in good condition. When designing the outer casing, choose a hollow design to help dissipate heat. In the installation, according to the situation of the device, stick to display the situation drafty in good condition, and add heat dissipation equipment to the display when needed, such as installing an air conditioner or a fan to help the display to dissipate heat.

Second, prevent typhoon. The engineering unit must design and install in strict accordance with the standard of typhoon resistance. At the same time, it must have certain anti-seismic capability to ensure that the outdoor LED display will not fall and cause injury and death.

Third, anti-storm. In the outdoor environment, the outdoor hanging LED display should reach the IP65 protection level. The module should be filled with glue, and the waterproof box should be used to connect the module and the box with a waterproof rubber ring.

Fourth, lightning protection. Do a good job of the above protective measures, no matter how bad the environment, the outdoor hanging LED display can also run safely and safely.
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