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P3.84 62 pole led display perfect solutions

P3.84 62 pole led display perfect solutions

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Smart city terminal street pole led display screen, global leader integrated led display solutions provider.

Product name: Pole led display, pole display

Product model: P3.84 single side.

Contact: Primo Wu

Tel: +86 755-23318593 

Pole display actual item images:

Pole led display mounting dimension drawing:


Pole led display functions:

  • Outdoor highlight 6000-7000cd, hd, power saving.
  • There are a variety of fonts to choose from, languages such as English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese.
  • It can control through wireless 3G/4G/ cluster control, and control multiple advertising machines and monitor multiple advertising machines through the server, which can transmit content to multiple advertising machines at one time.
  • The display of the advertisement information of the super region and the text messages of the users, the advertisement content users will change, environmental protection, low consumption, security, system stability, the statement supervision system.
  • The broadcasting system has multimedia software which can input and broadcast a variety of information flexibly.
  • Maintenance and installation is convenient and simple, video is clear and no flicker.
  • High - end tempered glass damage (optional).
  • Brightness adjustment (optional).
  • Intelligent humidity sensation, temperature sense (optional).
  • Camera monitoring (optional)
  • Speaker, remote voice interaction (optional)
  • GPS positioning (optional)

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Advantages of pole smart led display

First, promote the propaganda in  "Small broad" impact . Although the outdoor pole LED panel and screen is small, we can carry out the advertisement quantity of various sections, so as to expand the information dissemination of small scope and enhance the publicity of the advertisement. And its placement is much easier than the big screen, there is no need for too much manpower.

Second, neat and uniform, beautify the road environment. At present, the lampposts arranged on the highway and streets are mainly used for lighting in the evening, and some are monotonous. And LED pole screen needs a light pole to install, then if we install LED display screen frame on each lamp posts, lamp post can not only realize the comprehensive utilization, and can be controlled by rich and colorful decoration environment play picture.

Third, rich and colorful, attracting a lot of attention. Pole led display and led screen can not only realize dynamic seeding effect of various forms such as dynamic, page turning and rolling, but also can display a variety of color images and the video plays with stories. These colorful pictures show the visual impact and emotional resonance, thus attracting more people's attention. 

Fourth, warm tips. At present, pole LED screen has a lot of decoration on the street. It can be used to remind citizens of daily weather changes, environmental pollution values and road traffic conditions, so as to provide a more civilized environment for the society while warming others.

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