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Tecnon defined what Smart City Is, Pole led display using for Pingshan Park

Tecnon defined what Smart City Is, Pole led display using for Pingshan Park

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Shenzhen Pingshan District, as the experimentation area of the intelligent city, has become the first intelligent city project, including a comprehensive intelligent city project with many modules such as intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment, wisdom education, and intelligence security. The intelligent street lamp (multiple in one) modules is composed of ZTE general contracting, 7G, Hua Ti, Tecnon intelligent display subcontracting. It has become the highlight of the smart city project in Pingshan new area. Pole led display to enable the public to feel the actual effect of the information publishing system and audio broadcasting system of the smart city. There are 230 thousand street lights in Shenzhen, of which 1/4 may be transformed into a smart street lamp. The concept of multiple smart cities should be tested on intelligent street lamps such as combination multipole into one, reducing the amount and increasing the efficiency and purification of the city.

Pole Led Display Make Citizens Living In Shenzhen Pingshan Experience What A Smart City Is

Pingshan's first experimental smart city project started in the vicinity of Pingshan New District Library. Among them, dozens of intelligent street lamps have become the focus of competition. After several rounds of competition, ZTE appeared as the general contract, 7G's intelligent street lamp control platform, the lamppost of China, and the pole led display of Tecnon intelligent display won the approval of the Party A. The project was completed in April 2018, and the actual effect has been accepted and approved by the relevant government departments. Then it will be promoted in Nanshan, Futian, Shenzhen.

The lamp pole panel on the smart street lamp of Pingshan, Shenzhen, uses the P2.94600*12007000 brightness of Tecnon intelligent display, 3.8V energy-saving technology, synchronous switching, intelligent cluster control and so on. It is essentially different from the conventional LED display, and more embodies intelligence and networking. At ordinary times, it can be used as a platform for the propaganda of spiritual civilization. In an emergency, audio broadcasting system and information distribution system can be launched to transmit information to the whole region quickly.

Tecnon Smart Display is the only led display manufacturer focused on Pole led display in China, with Shenzhen successively in Luohu, Qianhai, Pingshan, Futian pilot intelligent street lamps. The government will be invited to participate in the design and lay down a criterion with Tecnon intelligent display to implement the combination multipole into one policy in Shenzhen.

What is the smart street lamp, that is, on the street lamp, there are monitoring, charging pile, 5G, environmental monitoring, audio broadcasting system, information publishing system, energy saving transformation and other functions. The cost of pole led display occupies 50% of the intelligent street lamp. But the pole led display is the symbolic function component of the intelligent street lamp. I believe that with the further reduction of the cost, a large number of smart street lamps will become inevitable.

Pole Led Display Make Citizens Living In Shenzhen Pingshan Experience What A Smart City Is 2
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