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Pole led display remote control system introduction

Pole led display remote control system introduction

Access:399 Time:2018.05.11

Multimedia publishing system, front desk UI support tablet, mobile phone touch operation, automatically ADAPTS to the tablet, mobile phone, desktop computer screen, interface experience excellent, truly cross-platform, and has the following features:

  • Support centralized management, real-time view of offline state;
  • Support to publish real-time notifications;
  • Support to obtain the current screen shot of control card;

  • Support access control card playback content;
  • Support remote control led display screen, adjust brightness and other operations;
  • Support for remote upgrades (which will add remote parameter configuration later);
  • Support regular operation (timing release of program content, timing control of large screen, etc.);
  • Support server time-revise;
  • Web interactive operation, excellent experience, no need to click the refresh page to reflect the operation reaction and state change in real time;
  • Use the best background and cloud database storage solutions, and good concurrency.
  • Programming with nonlinear edit mode, thoroughly get rid of the bondage of traditional LED program editing, get rid of the limit of the window, show the material is not restricted, time can image statistics, in the powerful at the same time, simplify the user operation, really fit the user's operation habit, especially the editing and publishing ads, compatible with tablet phone touch screen.

  • Advertising content can be counted on time, automatic billing, generating reports;
  • Support company user management, authority management; Program grading audit, release;
  • Support log management, user log, terminal log, failure log, etc.
  • Through the network time-amendment, can realize multi-screen image synchronization. The time attribute of each program and material in the non-woven structure is calibrated by the clock precision timing and non-woven structure. Real Internet multi-screen image synchronization broadcast;

Main applications: outdoor advertisement release, vehicle display screen, chain store LED information release, government, bank information release, etc.

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