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What Will Happen To The Pole Signage And LED Kiosk When The 5G Commercialization?

What Will Happen To The Pole Signage And LED Kiosk When The 5G Commercialization?

Access:388 Time:2018.10.25
Nowadays,  5G communications is the hottest topic all over the world. As the fifth generation of mobile communication technology, it has attracted the attention of all walks of life from the initial stage of research and development. So how will  "5G" change the pole display signage and LED Kiosk fields?

  pole display signage 

As smart terminal product used in content display, information acquisition and functional interaction in people's lives, pole display signage and LED Kiosk are widely used. They are not only playing ads, offering news, monitor security, collecting data like people flow, traffic flow in real time etc to stock in cloud.

It must be mentioned that pole display signage and LED Kiosk have a great dependence on the accuracy and real-time of the information. The 5G technology has a new upgrade in terms of speed, power consumption, and delay. Therefore, after 5G is commercialized, the automatic sensing technology (environment, temperature monitoring, automatic brightness adjustment) of smart city terminal products such as pole display signage and LED Kiosk will be more sensitive in practical applications. It will realize intelligent network control and remote synchronous playback. And big data transmission delays are also lower. Innovative functions such as intelligent monitoring, data acquisition, and face recognition will become more accurate, making it more stable and reliable in practical applications. The dissemination of information content is also faster, more accurate and complete.

pole display signage

At the same time, the network speed and efficiency's upgrading also reduce the power consumption and heat release . Make it more possible to combine other interactive functions such as AR and VR, which makes the scene immersive experience possible.

It is worth mentioning that the charges of 5G commercial may be a few cents in the future. Sure much cheaper than the current 4G network. If properly used, it could also be reducing operating costs and make outdoor media more acceptable.

Therefore, after the commercialization of 5G technology, pole display signage and LED Kiosk will usher in major changes, but also become the "pushing hand" for accelerating the construction of smart cities. Before this is realized, Tecnon will always focus on the research and development and marketing of smart city terminal products. Tecnon is ambitious to exhausted new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas to achieve quantitative and qualitative changes. Tecnon products gonna amazing the world. Let's expecting it.
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