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Shenzhen Promotes The Construction Of Smart Pole Industry And Welcome Pole Digital Signage

Shenzhen Promotes The Construction Of Smart Pole Industry And Welcome Pole Digital Signage

Access:403 Time:2018.11.26
On November 2nd, the“Shenzhen Multi-functional Smart pole Construction Development Action Launch and Smart Club Industry Promotion Association Unveiling Ceremony” was successfully held in the Shenzhen Civic Center. The event clearly stated that Shenzhen will deploy a multi-functional smart poles that integrates functions such as intelligent lighting, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, wireless communication, information release, and emergency help on the main roads to accelerate the promotion of the smart street light project. It does not only means opening the door to new opportunities but also ushering in new development impetus for all pole digital signage suppliers.


In fact, Shenzhen issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of Multi-Functional Smart poles" in June. In the same period, the "Shenzhen New Smart City Construction Overall Plan" proposed to speed up the construction of multi-functional smart poles and form a shared, intensive and efficient urban material association perception system construction model. It is necessary to improve the level of intelligent perception in areas such as public safety, urban management, road traffic, and ecological environment. This will undoubtedly bring more development opportunities to the local pole digital signage suppliers.

As an information exchange carrier for smart street pole, digital signage has been applied in many cities across the country. The Tecnon pole digital signage has also helped Shenzhen Luohu, Qianhai, Pingshan, Futian and other local pilot smart streetlight projects. It has a slim size, a refined appearance, a bright display and innovative features. It is not difficult to see that Tecnon pole digital signage has gradually broken through the boundaries of the traditional LED display industry, showing a new competitive advantage in the LED display industry segment. With smart street lights, it plays a more important terminal role in the construction of smart cities. Together with smart street lights, it has become the front entrance to the layout of the city's Internet of Things.
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Pole digital signage has the characteristics of unified construction, unified management, open sharing, and coincides with the original intention of smart city construction. And it is equipped with many functions: GPS, intelligent monitoring, network control, application interconnection, environmental monitoring, automatic sensing, data collection and cloud storage. Tecnon pole digital signage, as a combination of the smart city terminal products in the application of urban streetlight scenes, not only plays a role in promoting, but also provides a communication carrier for the all-round information transmission required for “urban intelligence”. At the same time, it is also the point of convergence between LED intelligent terminal products and smart city construction.

Today, as the pace of smart streetlight layout is getting faster and faster, Tecnon, as a provider of large pole digital signage in China, has received a lot of attention from the industry. If it is said that Shenzhen is in the forefront of the country in terms of digital China and smart city construction, then Tecnon is based on the local market in Shenzhen, and thus the development path to the national and even global markets is to occupy the "time and place". In the smart city terminal field of pole digital signage and floor standing digital kiosk, it is also an inevitable result of standing on the wind.
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It is worth mentioning that while Tecnon is deeply rooted in the smart terminal market, it is committed to exhausting the new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas. Tecnon will further break the boundaries of innovation and make smart city terminal products such as pole digital signage and floor standing digital kiosk lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient, more beautiful and cheaper. While Tecnon is at the forefront of the industry, he embraces a new era of wisdom with a new attitude.
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