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Smart city pole led display whole solutions

Smart city pole led display whole solutions

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Features of smart city pole led display and outdoor advertising player

1. Rich colors: R, G, B three basic colors can display 1.67 million colors
2. High brightness: adopts high brightness led, clearly visible over a long distance
3. Good visual effect, the nonlinear correction technology  makes images clearer and layers stronger
4. Reliability: uses the modular design technology, higher reliability, stability
5. Easy to operate: remote control (3G, 4G, WIFI and cell phone APP), system operation is simple and convenient
6. Practical: one side is led display, one side is a lightbox.
7. Various image formats: JPG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and other common picture formats
8. Various Video files: MPEG1 /MPEG2 /MPEG4 /AVI /VOB /WMV /DIVX /MOV /RM /RMVB, etc.

Pole smart led display functions

1. The structural style has been improved from the original generation and the second generation to the fifth generation. The design is exquisite and becomes close to the shape of our TV set.
2. The process requirements are stricter, the internal line is horizontal and vertical, 12 class anti-vibration wire connector is handled;
3. High water-proof standard (automobile door waterproof standard), professional outdoor waterproof box body;
4. The module is standardized, and the screw hole bit is unified. If the high pixel product needs to be replaced in the future, it can only be replaced by the module. The other parts can be intact and used normally;
5. Energy saving lamp bead (such as: 1919), highlighting, outdoor sunlight visual, high brightness, to adapt to the outdoor under strong light, does not affect watching broadcast content requirements, automatic brightness adjustment to the surrounding environment, also achieve products with very low aging degree; High refresh, low gray level, long service life, low attenuation, can be used for 7-10 years;
6. Intelligent radiator heating system, improve the outdoor environment temperature difference influence, military level of product quality, make the recruitment industry grade wire  (- 40 ° --- + 80 °), high-end imported power supply, 5 years of continuous use with high quality stability control system work, cloud platform management, security (bidirectional network identification, single card independent secondary decoding
7. Light weight. Because it is loaded on the lamp post, the weight must be as light as possible with new type and class production materials;
8. Low Power. Because it is compatible with the lamppost, the power cannot be too large;

T-phone pole led display for smart city
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One pole pluripotent

Street lighting is an indispensable infrastructure for urban development. It is connected to the power grid, and it is very high. To add "smart brain" to street lamps, can obviously improve the management efficiency of the city.

Tecnon Smart Display build a smart city ecosystem. It may be said "one pole pluripotent", can integrate intelligent lighting, mobile network signal transmitting, video monitoring, information release, PM2.5 intellisense, electric vehicle charging into a whole system.

Smart city pole led display, equipped with multifunctional sensor, data network, such as facilities, data can be collected various types of city, such as the weather data can be detected within a day of micro climate transformation, traffic information helps to regulate traffic lights, traffic channel flow, etc, the wireless network can provide wi-fi hotspots and 5g small base stations, etc.

Environmental-friendly and high efficiency

The biggest advantage of smart pole led display is environmental protection and efficiency. Intelligent street lamp light source adopts LED lighting, the night light was soft, warm white, and can adjust lightness according to the traffic and weather conditions automatically, on-demand lighting can save over 60% of energy than conventional street lamp.

For street lamp operational maintenance staff, every single lamp can implement separate monitoring and control, real-time monitoring on the computer to the operation situation of every street lamp, eliminating the manual inspection link at night, can greatly save their work.

The camera below the light can be used as a security purpose or to monitor the vehicle, detect traffic flow in the area, and provide large data collection and calculation functions.

Tecnon as a leading Pole Led Display Manufacturer from China, its products are spread to tens of countries & regions from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, etc.  If you are looking for partner, welcome to speak to a Tecnon Smart Display sales representative today!

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